Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Cuz - Ayva Amira Rotimi

Hola Familia !

As written by Cuz Christa :

Ayva was born on January 20, 2010 @ 1:50 pm. At Memorial Hermann in Katy Texas. She came a little early but more than welcomed lol! She weighed a whopping 5 lbs. 8 oz. and 18.5 inches long, needless to say she was itty bitty!!! Jay and I are proud to introduce her to the family and hope she brings a smile to your face and lots more love and kisses to your lives as she has already blessed us with these precious gifts.

Tristyn Pauline de la Pena ! aka Baby Pepper !

Hola Familia !

I would like to announce on the blog the Birth of Our Daughter Tristyn Pauline born January 28th 2010 at 8:03am at St Davids in Austin Texas ! She weighed in at 7Lbs 5 ozs !

She is a little over a month old now and getting to be a chunky monkey !

Hope to see all the Primos soon !

Love Y'all like Cuz's !
Andy & Marjorie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Cuz: Vivienne Helene Garcia

Hola Familia,

Here is a new Cuz for our Familia ! Introducing Vivienne Helene Garcia born Sept 04,2009 at 7lbs 2ozs and 19inches ! Mom and Dad and Big Sister are doing Great ! Her middle name is in Honor of her Grandma Helen !

Welcome to La Familia Cuz Vivienne !

Luv Ya like a Cuz !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elvira R. Vasquez 1907-2009

Hola Familia~

It is with great sadness I post this ......

My Grandma , some of yours also, and Aunt and Cuz and friend to others , Elvira R. Vasquez passed away the morning of August 23rd 2009 to join Grandpa David ,and the rest of our family who have passed , in a big celebration up in Heaven with Menudo,Mole,Mexican rice and those big ole flour tortillas freshly made ! Probably at Grandma Rosa's house up there with all the men either fishing at the creek or playing dominoes or cards. Grandma Elvira gave us the honor of her presence for 101 years almost making it to 102 just 4 months from now. Thank You to all who made it to the Rosary and/or the funeral service. I know I have tons of good memories and feelings about my time with her and I encourage anyone and everyone who has some to use the comment box under this section to post what you remember. Most of ours are the same but in talking to cousins at the services I heard some that I hadn't before. I would love to read them and just take a walk thru memory lane. Just as a laugh to get it started , I heard thru Cuz Mark that apparently Cuz Sara Farias and I (Andy) had a craving as youngsters for sticks of butter ! When I was around 4 or 5yrs old Grandma Elvira found me under that big dining room table in the house on Krempkau St. just chomping on a stick of butter ! I don't know Sara's full story but she was found chomping on a stick of butter too , must run in the family ! LOL !

Hopefully that gets everybody thinking , whether it was just about Elvira or David or just family memories please share ! That's what keeps this family together and will let the next generations know how much this family values each other. I know I do......
Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Andy & Marjorie

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~La Familia~ Port A 2009 !

Hola Familia ~

Well we are back from our 2nd Annual Port A La Familia Trip and we are crispy, crunchy , full of food and beer HAPPY ! It turned out to be another great visit with Family and Friends ! Me & Marjorie want to personally say how AWESOME we think it is when "Little Primos" can get together after not seeing each other for a while and just fall right in to "hanging out" and just plain having fun ! Same goes for the adults too...the feeling of closeness is one of the things I hope the younger family members remember seeing and being around and continue this tradition for many years ! It was AMAZING to get everybody together in front of "Our Building" during the group BBQ and see tables of food like brisket, sausages, fruits side dishes and desserts for all to enjoy ! I sat back at one point and looked at Marjorie and told her to notice that there was like ..100 people ! All gathered around having fun "together" ! Well , this ended up being a GREAT time for any BIG announcements that had to be made and I will list them here for you :

Marjorie & Andy: Marjorie is 3 Months PREGNANT and the "Baby Pepper" is due around Feb. 12th ! We don't know the sex yet till Sept but will definitely keep y'all updated!

Gina & Geoffrey : Geoffrey did a very brave thing during our get together on Saturday , while everyone was all gathered during the BBQ he called attention to himself to profess his Love for Gina and announce to everyone he was asking for her hand in marriage ! He got down on one knee in front of the WHOLE family and proposed to her and as you can guess , SHE ACCEPTED ! Of course this had all the women in tears and the guys going "aw man what are ya doing ?" (just kidding) .... the poor guy couldn't stop shaking afterwards for a while ! We are HAPPY for Y'all !

We also had some Birthday cake for Thelma's Bday and for July Bdays of Cuz Greg and Cuz Nicole ............

Starting Friday when everybody started arriving we had some beach time and had a little Mexican fishing village with all the canopies that people brought....the kids went out and played on the beach or stayed out in the water and some of the big boys did some fishing ! As the rooms became ready we headed back to check in and then the kids took over the pool and swam even MORE ! Of course we all sat around with each other while BBQing and got comfortable ! Rudy came back during this after fishing on a deep sea charter and had caught 2 sharks and 2 red snapper ! They had that filleted and bbq'ed some ! Mmmm Mmm ! Toward the end of the night they did some pier fishing too with no luck !
Saturday was more of the same with some of us up early to get our coffee fix and others sleeping late. Then we headed to the beach to set up the Mexican Village again, this time with Thelma and Angela kicking people off the beach to make room for La Familia ! This time they even made room for a volleyball net ! We all spent most of the day there and then slowly everyone made their way back to the condos. Of course the kids got back and immediately got in the pool AGAIN for the rest of the night and only came out to eat ! This was the night of the all out Family BBQ and feast and announcement time ! This lasted well into the night as you can imagine !

Sunday was more of the same but everybody knew it was the end of the weekend and didn't want to let go...we all slowly got packed , checked out and head out for one last beach togetherness time . We all kind of just relaxed , swam , ate and watched our fishermen catch some small sharks !

We didn't want it to end , we wish it could have lasted longer, but we all know this will happen again and we will make more memories and will continue to keep this family close and strong for many more generations of "Primos" ! I know a lot of you got some great pix and if you would like to share we would love to see them! Here is the > link to the pix Marjorie took. We have also added some pictures of the girls enjoying their Summer visit with us ! Enjoy!

LOVE Y'ALL like Cuz's....
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ Abe & Audra's Wedding ~

Hola Familia ~

I am going to make this entry just about Abe & Audra Hapshie's Wedding !

It was this past Saturday and it was a blast ! The Church (St. William Catholic Church) was in Round Rock and it was beautiful ! Abe and Audra looked very happy and the ceremony was beautiful.... May Y'all have many Happy, Healthy years ahead of you together !

After the church there was a fun reception in Pluggerville that had everybody getting loud, dancing and being the fun family we all are ! One of the highlights for me was the "All Girl" Marichi band that serenaded the Newlyweds and then went around the hall singing to all the tables , they were really good ! Lots of family got together and had a great time , for those that couldn't make it here is a link to some pictures that we took .

Again...Congratulations Abe & Audra and Thank You to all those that attended !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy and Cuz Marjorie

Monday, June 8, 2009

~La Familia ~ New Cuz , Wedding showers,Birthdays and Commercials !

Hola Familia ~

Gotta lot to cover so stay with me !

We have a new Baby Cuz born to Erin and Anthony born June 3rd , Welcome Makayla Reese Tristan ~

There was a surprise birthday party for our Cuz Laura Farias on Sunday May 31st at Uncle Carlos and Aunt Gloria's...I wont say on here that it was her **th birthday because I don't want her to beat me up, but everyone who attended said it was a good time!
Photos courtesy of TJ Vallejo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There was also a wedding shower for the Bride and Groom to be , Abe & Audra! It was at Ft. Sam and had a Hawaiian theme, a great time was had by all and here are some of pics to prove it!

Pictures courtesy of TJ Vallejo

One of our newest little cuzs is making a good start on the road to Hollywood. Tammy and Eric's little boy Marley is going to be in a commercial in Austin for the birthing center where he was born! Austin Area Birthing Center

He is second one from the left!

Photos from their website.


Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie