Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elvira R. Vasquez 1907-2009

Hola Familia~

It is with great sadness I post this ......

My Grandma , some of yours also, and Aunt and Cuz and friend to others , Elvira R. Vasquez passed away the morning of August 23rd 2009 to join Grandpa David ,and the rest of our family who have passed , in a big celebration up in Heaven with Menudo,Mole,Mexican rice and those big ole flour tortillas freshly made ! Probably at Grandma Rosa's house up there with all the men either fishing at the creek or playing dominoes or cards. Grandma Elvira gave us the honor of her presence for 101 years almost making it to 102 just 4 months from now. Thank You to all who made it to the Rosary and/or the funeral service. I know I have tons of good memories and feelings about my time with her and I encourage anyone and everyone who has some to use the comment box under this section to post what you remember. Most of ours are the same but in talking to cousins at the services I heard some that I hadn't before. I would love to read them and just take a walk thru memory lane. Just as a laugh to get it started , I heard thru Cuz Mark that apparently Cuz Sara Farias and I (Andy) had a craving as youngsters for sticks of butter ! When I was around 4 or 5yrs old Grandma Elvira found me under that big dining room table in the house on Krempkau St. just chomping on a stick of butter ! I don't know Sara's full story but she was found chomping on a stick of butter too , must run in the family ! LOL !

Hopefully that gets everybody thinking , whether it was just about Elvira or David or just family memories please share ! That's what keeps this family together and will let the next generations know how much this family values each other. I know I do......
Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Andy & Marjorie

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Shanna said...

I remember Mamo Vira always with a smile and a story and always cooking something for me. I used to love to sit with her and watch her cook I loved the way she would pick up the little crumbs of the table with her finger tips lol!! Weird I know... I remember when I was in 1st grade I made a picture of all things Texas and I was so proud to give it to her!! She was so happy to have recieved it and it stayed on her fridge until the paper that was once white was kind of brown and worn out looking... I remember going to the old house and we would cook and watch Grandpa David mow the lawn or walk to the train I remember Grandpa David taught me to play Catch and she would plant something... I used to love planting the petunias around the tree in the backyard on University.. I used to go and help her with Chula and I loved to play on her back porch with Michelle and Christa we would play Mail hahahaha I really just loved to be around her!! I am very Honored and Proud to have had her in my life and in the kids as well I am Proud that my Husband was able to meet her.. I will Cherrish her Memory and keep it going on thru my Children!!