Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~ La Familia Port A 2009 ~

Hola Familia ~

We know this sounds early but in actuality it really is not. I think that everyone has been reading the family blog and noticed the countdown for the coast trip to Port Aransas in July. With the way that the months have been flying by, 6 months really is not a long time to prepare for this. SO HERE GOES!!!!

We would like to get a family coast trip together and would like for both sides of the family to get together for somewhat of a family reunion type trip at the coast. We did this last year and had a great turn out and had alot of fun. The following is what we are looking at as far as details are concerned.

DATE: JULY 24, 25, 26 2009
ROOM COSTS: $420.00
Look for the "Deluxe Kitchen Unit"- this is a one bedroom- has 2 queen size beds in the bedroom and pull out sofa sleeper in the living room.

We have already reserved one whole building which consists of 10 rooms. So what we are really needing to know is how many families or people are going to go so that way if we need to get more rooms, we can. I know $420.00 sounds like alot for a room but when you look at it, depending on the family, you can fit as many as 8-10 people in one room. 2 people to each bed or more if you want and 2 people to the sleeper sofa and then sleeping bags for the kids or even blow up mattresses. You are more than welcome to ask the other family members that went last year regarding the rooms and they will tell you that these rooms are worth the money.

The money deadline for each room will be May 31, 2009- that will reserve your room for you and your family.

Everyone will be responsible for bringing their own food and drinks and liquor and beer for their rooms and families. There are bar-b-que pits there, where we can have a family bar-b-que and everyone bring items for this bar-b-que.

If you have any other questions please email me ~ Terri or Greg .

Again- this will be alot of fun for all and the area we will be staying at is very isolated so the kids can run around with no problems.

Luv Y'all like Cuz's

Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Christmas Party 08

Feliz Navidad La Familia Style!

Our Christmas party came and went and I think everyone had a great time! A big Thank You to Cuz Helen for welcoming all of us into her home! As y'all know Marjorie gets a little excited when presented with the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, so here they are! (Click on the word pictures) From the time we got to SA to when we got back to Austin she took 500 pictures ! Luckily she was able to scale it down to what we have now and it won't take you all day to view them ! I am the one who did the comments on all the pix so don't get mad at her (Thelma) ! We really hope maybe one of these Christmas's we can get the Cali Cuz's down here or maybe we could all go up there but for now we will just make do with pictures ! Thanks to everyone for bringing your favorite dishes and BIG Thanks to the other cook Joe ! I would also really like to say a Big Semper Fi Thank You to Cuz Louie for rounding everyone up for the group pic ! I dont think we could have done it without him ! AND Thanks to Ty ( I hope I spelled it right) for having the patience to take the group shot with 5 different cameras ! We really LOVE you guys and gals and hope you enjoy reading this blog and looking at all the pix ! ENJOY !

Since we were in town we also went to the Riverwalk and checked out the Alamo and Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. It was so beautiful and not really crowded at all! If you would like to see more pictures of that night click here!

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Cuz's and My San Fran Visit

Hola Familia !

Ok I want to take this opportunity to introduce some new little cuz's to our family !

Sorry this one is kinda of late but Mama has been kinda busy and I didnt want to bug her for the info but she was nice enough to take some time to send me the info and pics so I would like to introduce Cuz Gabriel Federico born November 8th to Cuz Shanna !

I am also proud to announce the arrival of our newest Cuz on the East Coast.... Little Cuz Simone Emilia born December 9th to Cuz Tom Vasquez and Lisa Davis ! (when I figure out how to get the pic out of the pdf file I will update)

All parents and babies are doing well at last report and will all enjoy their First Christmas's together !


I just wanted to throw in a personal note, I visited my girls in San Francisco this past weekend and all are doing good and growing smart and healthy...I have started a tradition this year with Hannah's bday last month of taking them by themselves on their bdays for a Daddy-Daughter Dinner of their choice , its really nice to get them by themselves and just talk about whatever they want too and just have some time on our own. I took Faith to her's on friday and she chose Red Lobster just like her sister and we had lots of fun ! Here is the link to the pictures I took ! Enjoy ! ( Click on the word pictures)

Some news about the Family Christmas Party.....I have heard thru the grapevine that instead of having it at the "Party House" in Helotes this year it might be at the "Party House" at Nena's ! I am waiting for official word about this but as soon as I know I will let YOU know...I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you wont be at Chata's christmas day on her porch wondering where everyone is ! Stay Tuned !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Saturday, November 29, 2008

~December Bdays & Thanksgiving 2008~

Hola Familia !

I have a lot to pack in to this issue so be patient and read on !

Lets start with the December Birthdays :
Dec 1 ~ Larry Wong
Dec 2 ~ Steve Vasquez
Dec 9 ~ Simone Emilia
Dec 10 ~ Elvira Vasquez "101" yrs old !

Dec 13 ~ Kailee
Brian Jr.

Dec 15 ~ Angela Rose
Paul Adrian
Dec 20 ~ Leti
Theresa Hapshie

Dec 24 ~ Aunt BB

Dec 27 ~ Faith Taylor de la Peña
Olivia Farias
Dec 30 ~ Rosie (in Cali)

If I have left anybody out that needs to be posted please let me know !

Thanksgiving 2008

Marjorie and I went out with my parents to the "Party House" in Helotes (Chata and Lupe's) and saw most of the usual suspects out there. Lupe's Sister and Family were there to greet us and we got down to chowing down. Of course the bigger our family gets the more everybody has to try and split spending the Holidays with our family and with their significant others family too. So we just kept eating, watching football, and greeting everyone as they came in! We were entertained by "Baby" Brian who has been red shirted already for the Longhorns Football team (just kidding hahaha) he is already up walking around and showing off his strength! It was really good seeing everyone and we missed seeing some of y'all that were at your "other" families get togethers... we hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to seeing more "Primos" for the Christmas Holidays! We also celebrated Rose Vallejo's Birthday and also even though she is in Cali, Hannah de la Peña's Bday! AND a rare sighting that was documented on camera , this shot of Armando smiling ! Here is the link for some of the pictures Marjorie took(< click on the word pictures) Hope Y'all enjoy !
Hey y'all its Marjorie here and I thought I would include something here under the topic of thanksgiving. I made my Pecan Yam Casserole, and Cranberry Salad again this year and some of y'all asked for the recipe so I thought I would post it on here for those who want it! My disclaimer is anyone on a diet should not even look at this! Its about a zillion calories each but so worth it! Enjoy!
Pecan Yam Casserole
4 bouregard sweet potatoes
2 tsp. vanilla
1 3/4 cup butter
1 1/2- 2 cups sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs
2 cups chopped pecans
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup butter
1/2 cup flour
Cooking Instructions (Filling first, Topping second)
1. Steam or bake sweet potatoes until soft
2. peel potatoes
3. mash potatoes
4. mix ingredients (filling)
5. place in casserole dish and bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean
1. add all ingredients (topping) butter must be melted, in a large ziplock bag.
2. shake/mix
3. add to top of casserole
4. bake in oven for additional 5 minutes (still at 400 degrees)
5. serve and enjoy!
Cranberry Salad
1 bag cranberries (washed)
1 bag big marshmellows
1 med can crushed drained pineapple
1 cup sugar
1 regular size cool whip
In a food processor grind marshmellows and cranberries together on top speed. Add sugar and drained pineapple. Refrigerate overnight. Next morning add the cool whip and set in refrigerator at least 2 hours.
Just a reminder !
LOOK AT THE TOP OF THIS BLOG ! The countdown is getting closer to FIESTA and our 2nd Annual Port A "La Familia" trip! Start planning and getting ready! Coming up soon I am going to be trying to get a count of how many people we will have going to Port A..... I know some of you might not know till we get closer but maybe next month I will try and get some kind of tentative count!



I am thankful for having each and every one of you as my family! There have been so many good memories and there will be LOTS more to come! We have done a pretty good job of showing our youngest that we do our best to stay together, so lets keep it up! Y'all are very important to me whether you are in SA or Pfluggerville or North Carolina or Cali or wherever you may be and I want to hear about whats important to you and your families and if its ok with you let everyone else know too! So again I want everyone to know my email box is open and I will do what I can to keep "La Familia " posted!


Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving and New Cuz's.....

Hola Familia !


Long time no see on here..I am sorry but life gets hectic sometimes as ALL of y'all know !

I wanted to get on here and get this out because I know some of y'all look at this stuff at work and later on this week you might not be working .

Well its the holidays and we also have some birthdays going on this week !

We have Cuz Rileigh in cali and Cuz Kelsey on Tuesday the 25th celebrating a birthday and then we have our very own Turkeys Cuz Hannah and Cuz Rose V. celebrating on Turkey Day the 27th ! Gobble Gobble !

Cuz Kelsey had an early bday celebration at the "party house" in Helotes on Saturday night and it was also a sort of farewell party because he is going back to North Carolina to help out with family back there ! Kelsey your family here wishes you well and wants to let you know we are "always" here for you and please let us know if you ever need anything...come back and visit soon !

I know everybody has tons of familia on both sides and it gets crazy trying to go back and forth visiting everyone, I hope we all get the chance to run into each other somewhere along the way during this Holiday season ....... Marjorie and I will be headed to the "party house" in Helotes for some good ole fashioned turkey dinner with Chata and Lupe and hope to see as many of you as we can !


Another reason to give Thanks this year is that we have a new Cuz brought to us by Cuz Shanna.... Cuz Gabriel Federico was born in to our familia! I am trying to get more info and maybe some more pix from mama but be patient because you know new babies can make ya busy!

Also CONGRATULATIONS to my parents Armando & Rose de la Pena for their 49th Wedding Anniversary on the 22nd of November !

LOS PRIMOS Volleyball team finished up 2nd this last season and ended the volleyball year.....the team had a GREAT year and is looking forward to next season around feb/mar ! There is talk of some Garage Sales coming up to support the team so I will try and keep you posted. Los Primos volleyball would really like to see more familia come out and watch the games and just hang out!

Everyone have a Safe Holiday and keep me posted on whats happening with you so I can let everybody know!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's ....

Andy & Marjorie

Friday, October 31, 2008

~La Familia ~ November Birthdays

Hola Familia ~

Forgive me for being late with this I have been running around like a nut ! Me and Marjorie were in San Francsico last weekend with the girls and then I am in San Fran right now for Halloween so I am doing this from their computer !

Here are the November Birthdays I have been given so far !

Uncle Joe ~ Nov 8th
Cuz Kelsey ~ Nov 25th
Cuz Rosies Grandaughter RILEIGH ~ Nov 25th (shes turning 7 ! )
Cuz Rose ~ Nov 27th
Cuz Hannah ~ Nov 27th

thats it... if theres more please send them to me so i can update !

Armando & Roses 49th Wedding Anniversary is November 22nd !

Everybody have a Safe Halloween and hope to see everyone for Thanksgiving !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

~ La Familia ~ Chances to Volunteer !

Hola Familia...

Cuz TJ sent me an email about something he has been a part of for The American Cancer Society...I thought it would be good to let everybody know about another opportunity to help ! I have copied and pasted it below to leave it in his words !
I volunteered for the 40th Annual Cattle Baron's Gala at Sunset Station last night. It is one of the biggest fundraisers for the American Cancer Society in Bexar County. I don't have any numbers but it seems like it was a big success! The greeters at the front keeping track of attendance were estimating close to 800 people attended. It is a fun event to volunteer for. The guests are treated to great food and entertainment (last night was Steve Warner). In addition, there are many venues where "yellow rose" memorials, pins, pictures with a real longhorn (one of the more popular), Texas Hold 'Em, where the guests pay for the venue by making minimum donations. Plus there's the silent and live auctions for many different things - everything from golf course certificates to trips, etc. I think most metropolitan areas have their own version of this event - so people can always watch for it in their community. This was the second year I volunteered for this event and it was well worth it - you meet a lot of people who are there for someone they know.

Luv Y'all like Cuz's...
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Bday Rafaela aka Yaya.....

Hola Familia,

Apparently there's somewhat of a mystery surrounding Rafaela Rodriguez's (aka Yaya to most of us) Birthday.....some say it was yesterday 10th Oct. and then others say today 11th Oct. ! I dont think I had ever heard this story or if I did I was way too young to have paid attention , but , from what my mom (Rosa de la Pena) says the story as she knows it is that on Yaya's birth certificate it says she was born on the 10th at something like 11:57 58 59 PMish or so. BUT , she was actually BORN at 12:01 02 03 AMish on the 11th ! I am sure there's different version's of this that might be out there but the mystery of Yaya lives on !
Afraid of angering the CEO of the family ( Aunt Bitsy ) I am making sure that I get this blog out there to y'all about Yaya's bday. I was going to make sure and remind everybody about it but not do a story but I heard thru a memo to one of the middle management executives (my mom) that CEO Bitsy wanted to make sure I recorded any stories or memories everybody has about Yaya too ! So, not wanting to lose my status in La Familia and anger the God's (Aunt Bitsy) here it is ! : )
If anybody wants to submit anything to me about Yaya please send it to me and I will post them as I get them like I did with Grandma Rosa's ! THANKS ....
My Mom's (Rosa) memories of Yaya are one of a very caring and loving lady that although she had no children of her own embraced all her nieces and nephews as though they were her's. And true to form it didn't stop there because once those kids had some of their own she treated the Grand nieces and nephews the same. She was wonderful to all the children. Yaya was the "go-to" person for remembering bday's, she knew everybodies ! My mom remembers that Yaya always, always walked everywhere and never took the bus even if where she was going was on a bus line ! Who could forget the "Silver Dollars" she gave to all those that graduated High School ! According to my mom Yaya was usually thinking ahead and as most people from that era scrimped and saved every penny.When she started getting social security she opened up a bank account and even though it was barely enough to live on she tucked away most of her checks and was able to leave a pretty good amount to be split among her siblings.
My moms memories of Christmas are of Yaya making a BIG production of setting up the Nativity Scene and re-doing the trees and shrubs in it every year and then setting it on top of the old buffet table .
In telling me this story my mom said that Yaya was good enough to have 2 Birthdays ! She said she will always remember her with love & respect.... "My Aunt Yaya was awesome!"

Typed by Cuz Andy ....Memories by Rosa de la Pena
I have very fond memories of my great aunt Yaya. I believe that I spent the best years of my life in Yaya's house on Camaron street. My grandma would pick me up from school everyday and take me to her house. There Yaya was so thoughtful and loving that she would always have something hot on the stove ready for me to eat. I would play t-ball outside in the backyard with a ball made out of my grandma's pantyhose, pick pecans, and sometimes, when nobody was watching, I would try and peek into shed that was in the far corner of the yard...It was kind of like a haunted house to me. Although when the temperature dropped to about 75 degrees, Yaya would insist that I was cold, even though I felt like it was 95. She even bought me this big puffy jacket to wear so that I would never be cold, a jacket that I refuse to get rid of to this day (despite that fact that only a 7 year old can wear it). When I was done with my fun in the yard I would come inside to play more or rest on the chair in the "living room" (formerly Grandma Rosa's room) with the Fredrich air conditioner dialed into the highest setting to cool off and watch TV. Sometimes, I would prefer to go into Yaya's room and lay on her bed to watch from a small (perhaps 12") black/white TV, after fidgeting with the antenna of course. She would always look out for me as a mother watches her child. It was always nice to have two Grandmas under one roof! Indeed, Yaya has the ultimate of special places in my heart. Yaya was, and continues to be, my inspiration and motivation in anything good I do.
Love Robert
I remember Yaya always buying us a little something at the pharmacy where she worked. I do not know how she knew who would be at the house when she got off work, but she would always have something for us. She was always so thoughtful. I also remember when I around 10 when Yaya babysat me, and it was either New Years Eve or the 4th of July. My dad had bought me some sparklers. At last dusk came and I got to lite the sparklers. Yaya had a pail of water and when the sparkler burnt half way down I had to put the sparkler in the water as she was sure it would start a fire.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hola Familia,

This is just a quick post to send out some family pix. TJ sent these to us from Cuz Skye Rivera. in California. They took a trip to the LA zoo and took some GREAT pix! For all you Cali cousins out there we would love to see more of y'all! Click here to see more!

Love y'all like cuz's

Cuz Andy and Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~October Birthdays~

Hola Familia .......

Heres what I have for October Birthdays ! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS !

Henry Rodriguez ~ October 4th
Homer ~ October 8th
Yaya ~ October 10th
Paulette ~ October 15th
Terri ~ October 15th
Alyssa ~ October 23rd

BOO !!!

Luv Ya Like Cuz's !
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grandma Rosa Memories....

Hola Familia....

I wanted to be able to put these stories somewhere that everybody could go back and read them. If and when I get more I will keep adding them. Eventually when I can figure it out I would like to make an album or book with pictures and stories from our family that could be passed around . Hope Y'all enjoy and keep those stories coming !

I am happy to say that I can still remember when I lived at Grandma Rosa's house. Homer
and I were going to St. Ann's and mom would take us on the bus to school and go back
and pick us up. Homer of course knew the whole neighborhood in about a three block
radius or maybe more. We would go and buy masa for Grandma Rosa's famous
gorditas that she made daily. To this date, I still prefer corn tortillas to flour. Those were
happy times especially when we all got together for special events or on Sunday for soup.

My favorite memory is when each December 24th,Charles would drop me & the kids off at Grandma Rosa's home on his way to work (we owned only 1 car, so this was at 6 in the morning and usually we would be the 1st ones getting there) Grandma & Yaya would already be up preparing the meat for the tamales we made all day long....eventually the rest of the aunts got there, and by the time the men came home from work, the delicious tamales were ready...yum

Those were great days...everybody ate, visited, and the men would gather and play dominos or poker....until sometimes 2 or 3 in the morning....we would hurry home because we had to put the kids to bed and then Charles had to work putting bikes, toys, together, sometimes working until 6 a.m., and just as we were getting ready for bed, the kids would get up looking to see what Santa had left for them..... We had great times at Grandma Rosa's house!! and of course on Xmas day everybody gathered to open gifts....Gloria
I can still smell the mole or menudo and rice cooking in the kitchen at her house as I walk in with my mom and my grandma . I can still feel the urge to go check out the living room because I was just told NOT to go in there ! LOL ! And playing with the Old Sewing machine in the hall ! (Do any of you remember what was in the little drawers of the sewing machine ?) hahaha
The memories I have of the house by the expressway, one is the protector of the house, the big cement pillar in the front yard to climb and jump off of. The creek across the street that had crawl fish and minnows to catch, that has now been covered up with multiple lanes of cars zooming by. Walking with Yaya to Finesilver in the morning to get the San Antonio Light for Grandma Rosa to read. Sitting at the sewing machine and seeing who could make it pump the fastest. The best cake in town, just a plain yellow cake that at least for me was best with water, not milk, go figure. For some reason I was really mesmerized with the manual lawn mower, I would open the door of the weather worn shed and pull out the lawn mower and would like to see the grass fly up in the air. The faster you push the faster the blades would spin and shoot the grass in the air and couldn't belive this thing would cut the grass like that.The most memorable time was when I was about 5 or 6, the Nerf basketball hoop had just come out, or my parents had bought us our first. I don't know what I was doing, I saw the mailman deliver the mail so I went to get it to give to Yaya, I saw a Nerf hoop that had been delivered by the mailman, it did look kind of different if was wire not plastic, it didn't have a net, it didn't have the hook to hang it on the door. Well my love of basketball had me determined to find a place for it, I did. Just like Benjamin Franklin I discovered electricity, well my hoop was a wire antenna for the the tv and I found the perfect outlet to plug it into, that was the day my hair started to curl. I ran back to the mailbox and put the Nerf hoop back in and would never forget the memory that was BURNED to my brain.
I can remember one time when I went with my Papo Joe to take care of amouse(I think ya'll know what I mean). Anyway, my Papo and I walk in thefront door to find Grandma Rosa chasing the mouse into Yaya's room. When Igot to the room, I looked in and saw Grandma Rosa standing in the middle ofthe room, with a broom, looking like a washing machine. Turning at thehips, missing the mouse everytime, the mouse ran under some sort of woodencabinet in the corner of the room. My Papo got another broom and got onthe floor. After locating the mouse under the cabinet, he stuck the broomunder there and did some kind of upward movement and there went the mouse.It flew about four feet high, along the wall and right back where it wasbefore.....under the cabinet. My Papo said some not so nice things inSpainsh to the poor mouse and closed all the doors. We had it !!!!!!Needless to say the mouse lost the battle with Grandma Rosa & my Papo Joe.

I practically lived at "Tita's" house since my Grandma Bitsy also lived there after my Grandpa passed away. My memories of the house are the same from the familiar smells of menudo, mole and dye for the millions of cascarone eggs. I remember the sewing machine with the huge "pedal" because I used to park my behind on it and use it as a low swing. Tita's room was the ONLY room with the air conditioner that worked BUT could not be touched. I of course would close the front door that was always open and turn on the air conditioner to help cool off the house but as soon as that door closed, that was the give-a-way that I touched the air conditioner.Does anyone remember the HUGE Jesus 'Agony in the Garden' picture hanging in the entrance?

Share the same memories with Alyssa pretty much...they also had that rocking chair in hallway with the big red pleather seat that sat right next to the phone. Yaya would just sit there and rock away while "Tita" was in her bedroom (living room). I remember their phone number I think: 227-6791, can anyone confirm that? I do remember they had a "party line" phone; we could pick up the phone and hear other peoples conversations on it. We found it so entertaining, that is until we got the donkey lady's number.

Hey Primos,
My favorite memory is of Christmas Day getting to sit in the Living Room that was normally off limits. Entering the room and seeing all the presents under the silver tree, it looked like there were at least a hundred presents. Sitting there waiting to hear your name as the presents were being passed out. Watching the Silver Tree turn colors as the colored panels rotated around the the light. The smell of tamales, sitting at the big round table to eat. Listening to the older family members: aunts talking, uncles playing cards/dominoes and kids playing with the Christmas toys. We did not watch a lot of TV on Christmas, but I remember the TV always having the foil around the antennas and like the rest the sewing machine. [Anytime ya'll come over to my house you are more than welcome to sit on the pedal of that old sewing machine and remember the good old days, (lol)].
Luv Ya'll .....Cuz'n Thelma
Grandma Rosa was the center of my world so I have so many beautiful memories of Grandma. She taught me how to spin a Top. The under 60 probably don't know what a top is but Grandma had a talent that the younger ones never got a chance to witness.She played marbles with me and made sure that I always won! She played a little softball at our Easter picnics but preferred to make sure that the older men didn't burn the BAR-B-Q!She would take us out to the chicken coop to gather all the eggs. She had about 6-8 hens and a couple of roosters which provided the house with fresh eggs. She also made sure that the roosters didn't chase us all over the place.She enjoyed watching baseball - all her brothers were excellent baseball players so she knew baseball. She would watch the whole game on that little set with the rabbit ears and foil (thanks to Thelma for remembering the foil) for better reception. Now everyone knows why Chata uses foil on the rabbit ears on her TV set!She watched Wrestling every week on TV and knew the names of all the wrestlers. I always enjoyed sitting down beside her to watch the wrestling matches because she would really get upset with the bad guys. Grandma also taught Chata and me how to drink wine at an early age - she was always concerned about how thin Chata and I were and so she would give us a shot of wine to help our appetite! If she could see me now, she would have held back some of the wine! She always had a beautiful smile for all her Grandchildren - I tried to tell her how bad each kid was but she just couldn't believe all those stories. She wouldn't even laugh at Tito for wearing the red cowboy boots that were hand-me-downs from Chata. Tito wore the leather off those red boots and then wanted for Aunt Bitsy to have them fixed so that he could still wear them. I offered to cut around the toes so that he would not outgrow the boots but that idea was nixed by Aunt Bitsy. Grandma would just give him a hug and smile!We were probably the only family in the USA & Mexico that used Mustard instead of lemon for the caldo. I don't know how that tradition got started at Grandma's house but the jar of mustard was always present whenever caldo was being served. And like everyone else, I can ever forget her Gorditas (the regular as well as the ones that had the bacon bits) and my favorite - the Chile Rellenos. These are just some of the wonderful memories of Grandma Rosa. Next round is for Yaya who celebrated two birthdays - Oct 10 & 11!

Memories of Grandma Rosa: There are so many memories of Grandma Rosa and 912 Cameron! I remember her always having food for everyone to eat. It amazed me that she and Yaya could whip up food for 10 persons or more in a matter of minutes and still have some left over. It reminds me of Jesus with the loaves and fish......they always had more than enough. I fondly remember her making her corn tortillas by hand and making perfectly round tortillas. As soon as they were done, she would spread "manteca" (Roeglein-with the pig) and salt.....and of course we couldn't eat just one! I guess that's why I have so much "manteca" on me!!! I looked forward to her stories of the "old" days. Christmas was the big event at her house! The silver tree with the rotating color wheel and all the presents under the tree. The men playing poker or dominoes, the aunts preparing or serving the food, the children playing and anxiously awaiting the time to open presents. Hats off to a great lady who was instrumental in creating so many memories for her family.
"Hi, everyone! Although I can't express my childhood memories of Abuelita Rosa, I can share my memories that I have when I joined the family by marrying your favorite cousin and nephew, Homer! Oh, I forgot, "mi hijo Santo." (That's what Homer told me when he introduced me to the family at Abuelita Rosa's home. Abuelita Rosa gave a not too believable chuckle, giving me the impression Homer wasn't telling me the truth. You think? Then there was Lilly Belle, the only one in the family who gave me fair warning about her favorite cousin, Homer. Did I listen? Oh well, love is blind. God willing Homer and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary in April 2009. I know Lilly Belle will be waiting for me with a reserved spot (I hope). Lilly Belle always said I had a place in heaven for marrying Homer. I pray she is right. Every time we would visit Abuelita Rosa, I can remember her smile and I always felt so welcomed every time. Abuelita Rosa and Yaya always treated me just like my "Mama Grande" did when she was here with me. When Homer and I would drive up to Abuelita's home, Homer would always pick a rose from her rose garden and when she came to the door, Homer would tell her that he had bought it for me. Abuelita Rosa would only shake her head from side to side and laugh. Homer did this every time we went over so she had a lot of missing roses. I think Homer must completed the whole dozen or more! Just like everyone, I had the privilege of tasting her delicious food. It didn't matter what she cooked, everything tasted great! I also remember the holidays and special times I spent at Abuelita Rosa's. I hope you didn't mind my sharing a few memories with everyone. I always felt so comfortable being in her home. Abuelita Rosa was a special person. I consider this a blessing in my life and one of the best things that has happened to me in being part of your family."
Rose Vallejo
My memory is of Grandma Rosa rocking me to sleep by the front door in the rocker . She did that for me for so long that as I got older I had to lift up my legs to be able to rock. She was a kind and loving woman .
Rosa de la Pena

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Cali Cuz the Musician !

Hola Familia !

I just wanted to post this on here so its open to the public and gets out to all our Familia !

Our Cali Cuz "Marc Rivera" is a certified musician and trying to get his music out there....if I were you I would stop by his Myspace page (dont worry you dont have to join) and also check his bands website for his music ! On the Myspace page theres a player on the right hand side with a few songs, pick a song and click the play button ! http://www.myspace.com/marcthebassplaya
and also http://thegcar.com/home.htm
PLEASE PLEASE take a moment to check both sites out our Cuz is pretty Damn Good !!!!!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Monday, September 22, 2008

~ Cuz Julians Walk ~ Halloween Bash ! ~

Hola Familia !

I have a repost of something important and a post of one that was sent as an email !

Dear Friends and Family, On Saturday, September 27th (Julian's actual birthday). We will be walking in the 8th Annual San Antonio Buddy Walk to show our support for the more than 350,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States. Our very own Julian is one of them!!! Each year the Down Syndrome Association here in San Antonio hosts the Buddy Walk, a wonderful heart-warming event that celebrates the many abilities and accomplishments of all people with Down Syndrome.

We would love for you to join our team - Julian's Chromies!!! Every step we take, every dollar we raise will help to ensure that each individual with Down syndrome is given every opportunity to reach his or her full potential. We also want to show our community what a blessing every person with Down syndrome is!

We invite you to Buddy Walk with our family! Saturday, September 27, 2008
Opening Ceremonies begin - 8:30am (Julian's Chromies will meet at 8:45am to walk together)Buddy Walk begins – 9:00am (Participants will walk one time around the track for a total distance of approximately 1 mile)BG Johnson Track at Ft. Sam HoustonRegistration is FREE. However, you must register by September 6th in order to guarantee your free Buddy Walk shirt. We are asking that you "pledge" yourself $10 (you can do that in the "donation" section when you register) or you can collect outside pledges. Even if you can't walk, whatever you can give will help...it all adds up! We greatly appreciate your support!

Click on the website link below to join Julian's Chromies!!!! http://buddywalk.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=277027&lis=1&kntae277027=F5C27DFB227649DD939F639E2A428374&team=3148006

The Maldina Family
Alyssa, Analissa (Nanie), Alissa & Julian

(Photo taken from his website)

We would like to invite everyone to the 1st annual "HALLOWEEN BASH" at Lupe and Chata's house in Helotes on Friday October 31, 2008 around 7'ish or later. Any early birds will not be eaten (maybe cooked) but not eaten. HEEEE-HEEEEE We would like for everyone to bring a goolish covered dish to help out with the food part of it.

Dressing up is mandatory- C'mon scary people- lets have a great time with this and dress up for the kids and show them that the adults can be just as scccaaarrrrrryyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or pretty or groovy or just whatever your little heart desires to be for Halloween.

I also think it would be a great idea for everyone to bring goodie bags for the kids so that way they all have candy and eyeballs to take home with them that is safe to rot their teeth out with. heeee-heeeeeee

Please email me (Terri) to let me know who can bring what so that way I can pass it on to Chata. Also, I know I am missing several family members, since I dont have everyone's email address or phone number, so please, please, please pass this on to any family member that I dont have an email on. I would also appreciate it, if you could pass me on anyones email address or phone number that you do not see in this email.

This is a BYOB and ice chest party!! If you have any questions you can call Terri or Greg or send them an email !

Thank You
Terri and Greg
Lupe and Chata

Hope this gets out to everyone !
Luv Y'all Like Cuz's....
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Buddy Walk for Julian ~ Added Cali Cuz's Bday

Hola Familia ~

Since this blog is open to the public I thought I would put Cuz Julian's Buddy Walk info on it to see if we could pull in people other than familia so take a look at the link below and see what you can do !
Dear Friends and Family,

On Saturday, September 27th (Julian's actual birthday). We will be walking in the 8th Annual San Antonio Buddy Walk to show our support for the more than 350,000 individuals with Down syndrome in the United States. Our very own Julian is one of them!!! Each year the Down Syndrome Association here in San Antonio hosts the Buddy Walk, a wonderful heart-warming event that celebrates the many abilities and accomplishments of all people with Down Syndrome.

We would love for you to join our team - Julian's Chromies!!! Every step we take, every dollar we raise will help to ensure that each individual with Down syndrome is given every opportunity to reach his or her full potential. We also want to show our community what a blessing every person with Down Syndrome is !!

We invite you to Buddy Walk with our family! Saturday, September 27, 2008 Opening Ceremonies begin - 8:30am (Julian's Chromies will meet at 8:45am to walk together)Buddy Walk begins – 9:00am (Participants will walk one time around the track for a total distance of approximately 1 mile)BG Johnson Track at Ft. Sam Houston Registration is FREE. However, you must register by September 6th in order to guarantee your free Buddy Walk shirt. We are asking that you "pledge" yourself $10 (you can do that in the "donation" section when you register) or you can collect outside pledges. Even if you can't walk, whatever you can give will help...it all adds up! We greatly appreciate your support!

Click on the website link below to join Julian's Chromies!!!


We hope to celebrate with you at our September 27th festivities,
The Maldina Family
Alyssa, Analissa (Nanie), Alissa & Julian


Also I have added a Cali Cuz's Bday and we are also Welcoming some new Cali email addresses to the newsletter Thanks to Cuz Rosie.... her Grandson Gaege and her daughter-in-law ! Cmon in Cuz's look at all the past blog post from the beginning and catch up on your Familia !

September Birthdays ~
Gaege ~ Sep 5
Tom Heitman ~ Sep 11
Abe ~ Sep 18
Louie - Sep 25
Grandma Rosa - Sep 26 (1884 - 1983)
Julian - Sep 27
Lucy - Sep 21 (ha ha i got it !)

As usual , if I have forgotten anything let me know ! Or , if you have more email addresses for familia send them to me and I will add !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's ~

Cuz Andy ~ Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coast Trip 2009

Hola Familia !

I am going to start posting this once a month just to keep everybody up to date on it and planning for it! I am challenging as many of you that can make it to go with us on this trip! It was fun this year, and I know with more Primos there, it will be a BLAST in 2009! Here's some info that I got from Terri and these are just the finer points of the info ! Remember if you have any questions about it you can contact me, Marjorie, Terri, Greg or Thelma and we will try and answer you as best as possible! So here it is straight from her email to me.........

Dates: 07-24-2009 thru 07-26-2009
Price: $420.00 each room
Money Due: May 01, 2009

Once we find out who all is going we will assign rooms to everyone depending on who can climb stairs well and who cant. As far as the due date- the reason I am doing this so far in advance is because if you say you are going to go and then back out at the last minute you will not be getting a refund unless the circumstance is obvious.


Also here are some extra pictures, Thanks to Homer, of one of the last volleyball games that we had a big familia turnout.....this was also when my ex (Laura) was in town with Hannah and Faith and we showed her a Good Ole La Familia good time!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of August ~ Back to School September !

Hola Familia ~

Sorry for not updating recently ! I have been pretty busy with work and going to San Francisco for the First Day of School for my girls ! Ashley is back in college , Hannah started 6th grade and Faith started 1st Grade ! Everybody did well and it looks like it will be a good school year !
Good Luck to all the "Primitos" in the family also getting back in to school this month , whether its College,High School,Middle,Elementary or Kindergarten we want y'all to know your family is here for you and can help in whatever way we can !

Its the end of August and we have a couple Birthdays past and happening today !

Little X and Shanna had theirs on the 28th ~
Michelle is having hers TODAY !!
Happy Belated Birthday ~ Feliz Cumpleanos to our Primos ending August !

September Birthdays ~
Tom Heitman ~ Sep 11
Abe ~ Sep 18
Louie - Sep 25
Grandma Rosa - Sep 26 (1884 - 1983)
Julian - Sep 27
Lucy - not sure of the date and she may not want to reveal the year!! LOL !

As usual our family started to get a little excited talking about Fiesta 09 almost a year away ! It started with the tickets for the parade (from last count we have about 85 Primos going) and then there was talk about shirts . It sounds like a really good idea and it would be really cool if we could get it done. We had several ideas and offers from primos and it kind of went back and forth. I think it would be help if somebody who (1) enjoys organizing and (2) has the time and capability of getting things together could take control of this project ! If you have an idea and a contact to get it done get the facts together (ie. the design,and cost,and how to collect the money) and I could present it to the WHOLE family on this blog and then have everybody send just me a Yay or Nay on it . A low cost simple shirt would be best for everybody ! I could help by putting people in contact with each other if necessary. REMEMBER we still have 7 months 2 weeks 4 days before Fiesta starts so it plenty of time !
Something exciting to me but maybe not to everybody else.... after 20 plus years working with airplanes I have finally been trained to start up an airplane (not the engines LOL but everything else!) and "brake ride" them. In the mornings (3am) when I get to work we have to move our 3 planes that have sat there overnight since we have only one gate. So when we tow them someone has to sit in the cockpit and start it up so it has hydraulic pressure for the brakes and electricity for everything else. I have been trained on the CRJ 900 and the 737 so far. Here's a picture from the Captains seat after I had to start it and read the gauges !

Last but not least....I would like to Thank Marjorie for working on this blog with me and putting up the countdown tickers at the top of this blog ! One is the countdown for FIESTA 09 and the other is the countdown for La Familia Port A trip 09 !!

As always , if I am missing anybodies email or there's an event or happening or just something that should be remembered PLEASE please email me and I will get it on here and out to the family !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

La Familia Newsletter ~ 8/13

Hola Familia !

Its time for some more stuff about the family!

This past weekend Cuz Alyssa & Cuz Nanie were kind enough (and crazy enough) to open their home to a bunch of pre-teen and teen Primas for a Girls Sleepover! It started around 7pm and the Primas there were Alissa, Maddie, Hannah, Olivia, Paulette, Sophia, and Faith ! The night started out with some pizza and lots of junk food! They did some arts and crafts and made personalized pillow cases and some picture frames that they signed for each other! They played guitar hero, karaoke, and watched a ton of movies! Even one of our newest Cuz's, Dylan made an appearance. Apparently from what I hear Paulette was the first to give out, then Faith, Maddie was next, and the two hardcore partyers Alissa and Hannah stayed up all night until about 7am!!! When I went to pick up Hannah and Faith up at about 11am, Alyssa and Nanie were alive and well and had survived the night! Everyone had a great time and acted like they had all lived together this whole time! It sounds like they will have a bunch of good memories! Huge THANKS again to Cuz Alyssa and Cuz Nanie for doing this!
Here are some pictures >>>

Meanwhile, since the girls were at the sleepover Marjorie and I took the girls mom "Laura" , who had come to visit and stay with us in Austin, out to meet up with Greg, Terri, Robert and Leti at Chachos for some Margaritas and good conversation! We moved the party to Robert and Leti's where the "Shot Master" Robert took care of us and gave us some of the worst hangovers we have had in a long time! LOL !!
On Sunday we all went to the Los Primos volleyball games and had a really good turnout of Primos to wish Hannah and Faith goodbye for the summer, they will be going back to San Francisco this friday ........
Thank You to all the Familia "Primos" who made this an AWESOME summer for my girls, they had fun getting to bond with everyone and finding out that this is what our Familia is all about!

College Bound Primos !

I will probably miss mentioning someone in this and if I do please forgive me, there is a lot of familia to keep up with! But I wanted to wish all our College Student Primos and Primas Good Luck in this next school Year! We have my own daughter Ashley, coming back from an awesome freshman year living and learning in Hawaii! She did great and is planning to continue her college in the direction she wants to back in San Francisco and back on the mainland! While its nice to live and learn in paradise its not like home and we are excited to have her back so close!
We have Kelsey back in the San Antonio TEXAS area and continuing his college education and also happy he is back in his homeland!
We also have Sara heading back to Notre Dame in good ole South Bend and continuing her college adventure and representing Los Primos in a way only Sara can! While we wish her well we are also sad to see her go!
Lets also wish all our young ones a GREAT Year getting back to school in a few weeks, y'all have lots to talk about and brag to everyone at school about how much fun you had with your family this summer! We LOVE Y'all and know that ANY of us are here for you to help in any way we can to get you through this school year and on to BIGGER and BETTER things!


July 2009 La Familia Coast Trip!

I know its 11 months away (look at the ticker at the top!) but each month I want to remind everybody about the Familia Coast trip planned for next year.....we have reserved a "whole" building, (see pix below) 10 rooms, at the place we stayed at this year! We were all really impressed and happy with it and want to keep going back! Y'all have almost a year to plan to make this an even BIGGER family trip! Start saving little by little now and we will all be ready! The rooms as of right now come to aprox. $420 each (room) for that weekend...it will probably be less due to the fact that they haven't given us the 10% discount they said they will give us! The place is really cool and well maintained, here's their website. Check it out! The suites have two rooms, they have a little kitchenette in the front room with a TV and pullout couch and in the bedroom most have two queen beds.......so if you want to cut the cost you can get more than one family comfortably in each suite! We can make this HUGE if everybody starts planning now! Look back through this blog and check out how much fun we had and look at all the pictures! If there is any questions email me(Andy or Marjorie)(Greg or Terri)!


I think I have covered what I needed too....again, if anybody has family member email addresses that I don't have PLEASE let me know.....if I am missing someone and you think they would like to get this give me their email and I will add it! Email at ajdlp1@att.net ~~~


Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Friday, August 8, 2008

La Familia Newsletter ~ Abe & Audra Wedding Page!

Hola Familia,

I received this link from Honorary Cuz (official Cuz after the wedding) LOL....Audra fiancee of Abe Hapshie just last night, and took a look at it and learned about them, and whats happening with their wedding! I suggest y'all take the time and look at it because its really cool! Theres places on the website that you can leave best wishes, comments or if you are going to the wedding you can leave info that they might need! They have taken the time to make this page and it looks great so take a look and here it is in her own words......
Abe and I have a wedding web-site and I wanted to let y'all know about it. It's not much to see so far but we (I .. he he) will add more to it as plans progress. http://www.momentville.com/AbeandAudra

Abe & Audra
Ok familia , stay tuned for more info as I get it !
Luv Y'all Like Cuz's...
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

La Familia Newsletter ~ FIESTA 2009 !

Hola Familia !!

I wasnt asked to do this but since I have added so many names recently I want to make sure EVERYONE gets this nice and early ! This is all in Nena's words and wouldn't it be awesome if we could get a Big Familia turnout !!!

All, Hello everyone, I know it's a little too early to think of Fiesta but it'll be here before you know it. As everyone knows, I love FIESTA and since we have a Los Primos NIOSA Night, we can get "La Familia" together for the Flambeau Parade. This will be held the last Saturday of April 2009. This year I was fortunate to obtain tickets at the "Cenotaph Stands" which is right in front of the Downtown Post Office. The seats are located on a platform and no, they are not bleacher seats, these are actual individual chairs with each row slightly elevated from the one in front. Since the chairs are on a platform, they are above the sidewalk and your view is not blocked. The price this year was $15.00 per seat and if there is a price difference, I will notify you. I have the same contact as this year but I need to give her a letter noting the number of tickets that we need. We can start paying as early as December and we will receive the tickets the first week in February. I have already contacted some of you and this is the total so far:
Laura Farias..........................10
Andy & Marjorie...................... 2
Gloria Vasquez..........................1
If anyone is interested in obtaining tickets, please let me know by Friday, August 8, 2008. I'm trying to obtain one full section which is a total of eight (8) rows with 10 chairs in a row for a total of 80 seats. This would be a great family event!!!! The more the merrier. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Cuz Nena ~~~~ helenmaldonado@hotmail.com

Luv Y'all like Cuz's ~~~
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Friday, August 1, 2008

August Birthdays !

Hola Familia !!

Ok so these are the August Birthdays that I have been sent ! I would love it if you California Primos could send me your birthdays too ! Please Please I know I am missing people and some dont like their Bdays known but I think it would be good to have as many Bdays known as possible ! It will help to keep us close !

Linda's ~ 2nd
Cissy ~ 8th
Andy ~ 21st
Shanna ~ 28th
Little X ~ 28th
Michelle ~ 30th

Happy Wedding Anniversary's to:
Larry & Cissy on the 3rd ! ! ! !
Chata and Lupe's Anniversary on August 6th ! ! !

Luv Y'all Like Cuz's..
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Familia Port A Edition ! 7/29/08

Hola Familia.....

Its been two days(for some only one) since we have all been back to reality after our Family Coast Trip and we are ready to go back! Not knowing what to expect, we all got to our home for the weekend at Seashell Village, and were greeted by the Welcoming Committee of Chata, Lupe, Greg, Terri and the kids! We were all REALLY pleased with how nice our weekend home was! I will tell you about it from our point of view (Andy, Mar, Hannah, Faith and Thelma) to make it easy! Once we got into our place and unpacked the car we all headed out for some souvenir shopping lead by none other than Chata and Terri!!! We visited a couple of the local shops and got boogie boards, shirts, necklaces, and shot glasses. While in one of the shops Homer, Rose, TJ, and puppy showed up along with Alyssa, Nanie, Julian, and Little Alissa! After an exhausting time shopping, we rounded everybody up and got back to the Village. The kids got on their swimsuits and went swimming FOREVER! They literally went swimming for like 4 hours nonstop! Meanwhile Greg, Lupe and the gang were BBQing up some of Greg's famous "Texas Thick" hamburgers and hot dogs! Cuz Thelma and Cuz Marjorie broke out the Margerators and whipped up some Pina colodas for everyone. Joe, Nena, and Aidan arrived about that time, and the gang was all there! Once we got everybody out of the pool, changed, and the BBQ was done, we all got together in one room to celebrate Cuz Thelma's birthday! We sang for her and had some yummy cupcakes! After a while the big boys wanted to do some night fishing so we packed up all the kids and went to Horace Caldwell Pier to see what we could catch! It was still kind of windy and the surf was choppy so the fishing wasn't so good...we caught a few "hardhead catfish" but nothing worth keeping! The kids all had a blast running up and down the pier! That was pretty much the end of the first day !!

The early morning crew of Thelma, Andy, and Marjorie woke up about 7am on saturday and leisurely had coffee on our porch until the rest of the tribe woke up. Then it was Chata and Nena making chorizo and egg tacos, and sausage and egg tacos, in two rooms just like a restaurant! About that time Terri's sister and brother-in-law, Rudy and Vickie, with their kids showed up and they joined us finishing up a hearty breakfast! We all got ready for a day at the beach and headed out! We found our spot and Rudy and Vickie had a great pop up gazebo they shared with us. We lined up the cars around it to put up tarps for shade! It was like our own little Mexican fishing village! There was a lot of seaweed on shore but it didn't bother anybody! The kids hung out ALL day in the surf, we played football, threw the frisbee, swam, collected seashells, did a little fishing, (still no luck) and just had a great time being together! Once we all had enough of the beach we headed back and washed off a little of the sand and seaweed, and the kids went swimming at the pool AGAIN!! Greg fired up his grills again and this time it was Jalapeno sausage, chicken, and beef fajitas! Of course we had the beer and Dr. Pico on the Margerators running full blast! By the time we all finished eating we just hung out and talked. The kids were running around from room to room, and keeping themselves occupied by making Paul Adrian look like coolio! We were all completely exhausted so everyone headed to their rooms and passed out!

Sunday morning again the morning crew was up before everyone else drinking our coffee! Before we realized it it was 9:30am, so I texted Greg to see if they were awake yet and I woke them up to start getting breakfast ready! I went to their place and got their coffee going and we had eggs and bacon and leftover fajitas and sausages! We all had to be packed up by noon so everybody got their stuff packed in the cars, and checked out. We also booked the WHOLE building for next year already, (more info on that to come) took a family photo for the First Annual Familia Coast Trip, and headed off to the beach again! This time we went further south on Mustang Island and thanks to Rudy and Vickie, found a really nice beach that we set up our little Mexican village at again! The kids all immediately headed out to the surf and Faith and I found an area next to our camp that had tons of hermit crabs! The boys did a little more fishing in the jetty next to us, (still no luck) and we saw sea turtles, and gulls taking Greg's bait! We all had leftover fajitas and chips and salsa for lunch, played some more, and for those of us who had to go, packed it all in and headed back to S.A. with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts for being together as a family!

We had a lot of people taking pictures, and most of y'all know how crazy Marjorie is when she gets a camera in her hand so bear with us, we have a lot to show....Marjorie was on the computer ALL day monday and thanks to Pico and Thelma sending their pics and our share, we have a way of showing you whats in store for EVERYBODY next year! Plan now because the 2nd Annual Familia Coast Trip is next year same time, there will be a separate blog explaining it more coming up! Click here to see all the great memories we made!

I just want to add that I really hope I didn't miss anybody with the announcements for this trip and all the details leading up to it! I have tried over and over to ask everybody that I DO have emails for to make sure they let me know who I might be missing so I can add them! I will do it again right now....if any of you who receive this, have a family member that would like to receive this, PLEASE send me their email to either ajdlp1@att.net or losprimos@att.net !!!!


I also wanted to include something that Cuz Leti sent to us! I kept it in her words.

"Check out Rob in action at a 3 alarm fire in ATX Sunday. Look for him on top of the truck working the pump at the 0:47 mark and again at the 0:58 mark.....I know he does this for a living and sees fires often, but I have never seen him in action at a fire before....so it's exciting for me and the kids....and it's proof that they don't just sit around all day long playing Nintendo and basketball.

Just thought I'd share...."

Click here


Ok, that's it I think for now...this was an AWESOME trip and I know we will ALL make it 100 times better next year!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's.....

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La Familia Newsletter ! Busy Weekend 7/19/08

Hola Familia !


We had a busy, fun, family filled weekend so let me try and break it all down and throw in some picture links too !

First I would like to promote a family business owned by Robert and Leti Maldonado ... its a pest control business and the link to the website is http://www.ezpestcontrolcompany.com/ I will add it to the links to the side of the blog also ! Ora Ley familia if you have cucharachas or pulgas make sure you use http://www.ezpestcontrolcompany.com/ !!!

BIRTHDAYS ! Cuz Thelma's is coming up on the 25th and Cuz Nicole (Terri's daughter) is on the 27th !!

Thanks to "Aunt" Gloria we helped "Uncle" Carlos celebrate his 75th Bday at their house! As usual Aunt Gloria worked really hard in the kitchen to have all sorts of good food! There was brisket that was awesome, potato salad, beans, rice, chips and dip, and two delicious birthday cakes that you will see in the pictures. All the usual suspects were there from our side of the family, and there were also family from Aunt Glorias side. Proud parents Matthew and Adrianna, and proud grandparents Lucy and Craig, showed off new Cuz Amadea ! Everybodies favorite older Cuz X was there too, helping out by watching some of the kids playing football in the front yard! We also were lucky enough to have a private viewing of Cuz Fabian and Erin's wedding video. Please click here to see more pix of the party>>>>>Carlos' Birthday


Cuz Greg's Bday was on the 20th and Los Primos Vball team helped him celebrate by winning our games on Sunday AND "Mijo Santos" Godmother Cuz Thelma brought some cupcakes! Alyssa, Nanie, and kids showed up, Pico, AND Cuz Sara, Cuz Sophia, and Cuz Olivia...... Cuz Sara was caught by suprise because just as she showed up we called her into action. We were one player short. Not dressed for volleyball, Cuz Marjorie and Cuz Terri publicly stripped and Marjorie gave Sara the shirt off her back, and Terri gave her her shorts!!! Thanks to Sara's great play we were able to win against both the teams we played!

Here are some more pix from the game >>> Greg's Birthday


So far Cuz Homer has been the first one to step up to my request for personal memories that we could share and pass on to each other... he sent us some good pictures of when they went to check out the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center display of a photo history of the Westside. The pictures of Grandma Rosa and Aunt Bitsy were displayed on Guadalupe Street, and the one of Aunt Bitsy was displayed on San Jacinto street. The pictures of Aunt Bitsy and Aunt Carmen as well as Uncle Filbert were displayed on Brazos street on the walls of buildings. All pix comments were narrareted by Homer! Thanks for sharing the great pix!

Here is a link to more of the pictures >>> La Familia

Just a reminder whenever y'all have a little time write me a quick email with memories of our family that stick out in your mind, it should be interesting to see what we all remember in different ways !
1st Annual Family Trip..... only 3 more days until the Family Rowdies head down to Port A !

If anybody wants to join us last minute y'all are more than welcome to catch up with us ! It will be fun I promise !!!


Well, I think that just about does it for this edition.... this will probably be the last one until after the Coast trip which I am sure I will have lots to write about and LOTS of pictures !

Luv Y'all Like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Monday, July 21, 2008

"Los Primos" Volleyball Team Raffle Results...

Here are the official Raffle Drawing Winners as drawn out of a bag at Time Warner Park by an official employee of Time Warner Park !

1st Prize ~ $100 Gift Card ~ Inez Farias

2nd Prize ~ $25 Gas Card ~ Melody Perez

3rd Prize ~ $25 Gas Card ~ Rita Farias

4th Prize ~ Ice Chest ~ Alyssa "little digga" Maldonado

5th Prize ~ Lottery Tickets ~ Barbara de la Rosa

To collect your prize please contact the person that sold you the ticket !
Any questions you can contact me at losprimos@att.net

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pre-Weekend Post 7/18/08

Hola Familia....

This is just a little pre-weekend post to fill in everybody on what has happened and what will be happening ......

For those far away I wanted to fill you in on "Aunt" Carmen's services.......

The Rosary and Visitation were held at Porter Loring in San Antonio on July 16th Wednesday, lots of familia showed up and as is usual there was a lot of catching up with family from out of town, old friends of Carmen and the family, and also the "rowdies" of the family! It was very nice because the memories of Carmen and Solomon and peoples lives they were a part of started to get everybody relaxed and the jokes and the laughter followed. Thelma, Louie, Mary Jane, and family and friends did a wonderful job with the services which included a "photo collage" of Carmen that at the end of the service allowed everyone to take off their favorite photos and keep it. Here are just a few that we got. Carmen's favorite music "Big Band Music" was playing in the background (people were dancing to it by the end) and a family friend created a slide show that they showed on a screen that showed even more pictures and how Carmen enjoyed life. Carmen "LOVED" Roses so they also passed out a single rose to everyone that was there. The Church service was held Thursday at St. Ann's and primos Rose Vallejo, Chata, Rev. Larry Wong, T.J, "Uncle" Charlie, and Nena were all part of the services. The burial was at Ft. Sam Houston where she was laid to rest with her "loving" husband Uncle Solomon. There was a reception afterwards at the Ft. Sam Golf Club. Thank You Thelma, Louie, Mary Jane, and grand kids for letting us say our goodbyes.......
I hope this brief readers digest version gives those who couldn't make it an idea of what happened and know that we missed you there.

Before Carmen had passed away I had already been thinking of something for this blog that I thought would be kind of "cool" for everyone...... I wanted to see if I could get as many Primos as I could that read this blog to send me some of their childhood or adult memories of doing stuff with the whole familia or even just individual memories of a place, a time, event or person that stays with you and is important. I want to see if I can put these together and depending on how much I get put it on here or something else that we can keep maybe share these memories we have with the younger generation AND add some of theirs to it, kind of like an Indian tribe passing on the history of our family. It doesn't have to be long and I want to keep it in your words. See what you think and if you want to do it just email it to me at ajdlp1@att.net !

End of July Birthdays............. "Uncle" Carlos , Cuz Greg and Cuz Thelma !

(if i am missing anybody let me know)

Coast Trip !

Its coming up fast now ! Next week July 25th will be the First Annual La Familia trip and this 1st one will be down on the Texas Coast in Port A (ahhh memories of Spring Break in high school hahaha)! We will be there from July 25th to July 27th! So if anybody else wants to go last minute thats where we will be at the seashell village (click here to see website). COME ON ! You know you want too!!


For those of you who were not able to attend Matthew & Adriana Stribling's wedding on May 18th, Here are some pictures. We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to TJ for sharing his pictures of the wedding and some for the slide show with everyone! Click here to view them!


The Los Pimos Volleyball team would like to Thank Cuz Greg's friend Orlando Sanchez, the owner of the "El Chile Cafe y Cantina" in Austin Texas for coming up with a way to help the Los Primos Vball team with their raffle and also helping him with donations to his MS Valero Bike to the Beach event. Orlando went one for one with us on tickets and donations! If you would like to support him check out his web page (click here)


Well....that ends another entry in our blog..as usual if I forgot anything or have anything you want me to add please send it to me and I will be happy to post it !!!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's .....
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Cuz Baby News ! News about Carmen.....

Hola Familia !

Announcement by Grandma Lucy !

Good morning all,

Well, she has arrived!! Our granddaughter was born yesterday at 9:09am, weighing in at 7lb 15oz, 20” long. Mom and daughter are doing great; Matthew is the proud papa. Here are also pictures of the great grandparents, us, Laura & the girls and Uncle Mark.

Enjoy these pictures (click on the word)



News about one of our Elders !

I have an update on Carmen Hapshie........
they have taken her off all medication.
At this time she is drinking only two shakes a day with very little to no water.
Hospice has given us about 3 to 4 weeks at most.
We will be visited by hospice 2 a week from now on. She is asleep most of the time. We are just keeping her comfortable. It is only a matter of time. if you plan on visiting please let us know ahead because the caregiver that is with her when we are at work will not let you in if we do not tell her you are coming. Some one is with her 24 hrs a day.

Mary Hapshie


And I got a text picture from Cuz Nena last night
in Chicago and they were at a Cubs game vs the
Reds at WRIGLEY FIELD ! A piece of living history !

Well thats it for today..if anyone has any pictures or info I should post let me have it !!!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's ......
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th Weekend !

Hola Familia !!

Hope everybody had an AWESOME and safe July 4th Weekend !

Just want to remind EVERYONE that this weekend July 5th was Fabian Farias's Wedding in Chicago to Erin Flynn who should now officially be Erin Farias !! WELCOME TO THE FAMILIA CUZ ERIN !!! Cuz Helen , Cuz Robert , and Cuz Thelma went up and hopefully we can get some updates from them on the festivities !!! May you guys have a Long and Prosperous Marriage !

Los Primos Volleyball was off for the weekend but was busy with a garage sale that was a success thanks to the efforts of a select few ...heres a quick recap !

Just wanted to let everyone know that we did very well this weekend with the garage sale and raised $256.00. We did so well that we started to pack early and it is a good thing we did because as soon as we got everything packed into the van and stepped inside it started to pour down rain. GREAT TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is written by one of our players who's house the garage sale was held at ! Orie Salinas:

Hello ALL!!! I personally want to thank all that came over to my house for the yard sale. Greg's mom & dad were a HUGE help Friday & Saturday and I'm so happy that they stayed. It was a lot of work but it was crazy fun. We got slammed for the first couple of hours & Terri & I were making all sorts of deals. For a minute there I thought we were paying people to take things. ha ha just kidding. But we were literally stepping on top of each other going from one end to the other. Money was stuffed in all our pockets and shoved in the money bag. Again . . . crazy fun! Hooray . . . we got rid of the "green monster" (chair) for a whopping $10.00!!! Terri said to get rid of it and I agreed. She priced it $10, I called a bluff price at $15 and the guy bid $10! Yipee, we got what we wanted! What a team!!! The guy also bought the entertainment center (the one that had already been sold before but left behind) and said that he would come back with his truck. Well guess what is still sitting on my porch?!?! CRAZY!!!! Andy and Marjorie . . . we missed you but we understand, gas, drive, work, girls . . . still we missed you! Thelma hope your trip was fun! Paul sorry you had to work, but Paulett (sp?) was a great helper. I really believe we could have made more but we were in the frame of mind to just get rid of everything and as busy as we were . . . some people were giving us prices and we were saying . . . SOLD!Terri forgot to mention that we also sold $70 in raffle tickets at the yard sale. Scared of us!!! Go Primos Go!

As was mentioned above we have the girls, Hannah and Faith with us... we had a great 4th watching the fireworks locally....we missed coming into San Antonio but with gas prices and Marjorie working on Saturday we couldn't be going back and forth....here are some of our pix from watching the Fireworks (click on the word and it will take you to the pix.) in Kyle, Tx where Marjorie is a Rural Carrier..we got to park in their parking lot and hang out..it was really relaxing. The cows serenaded us for the firework show!

I also have to mention again our raffle Los Primos Volleyball is having..I will post below what has been written by Terri ......

OK- we have a challenge brought to our attention and it would benefit everyone involved. Greg's friends in Austin are in a bike ride to raise money for MS and have stated the following: They will match us dollar for dollar on the raffle tickets if we donate to the MS bike ride they are participating in.

During my great thoughts of thoughts- I was thinking that if everyone could donate $5.00 to the MS bike ride for those guys not only would it benefit MS but it would benefit LOS PRIMOS volleyball team because we are helping each other out. And also because the Multiple Sclerosis Society is a great way for us as a team and family to help out. So if there is anyone out there is wanting to donate please let me know and we will try and collect money on Saturday.

Greg and I are donating: $10.00- $5.00 from Greg and $5.00 from me.

Thank you-love

All right that should be it for now.....as always if I have forgotten something PLEASE let me know !!!

Luv Y'all Like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie !!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

La Familia Newsletter...Extra

Hola Familia !
I just wanted to send belated Bday wishes to June Bdays Lupe , Gina , and Solomon !

Also...just a reminder about Fabians's Wedding! The Wedding is July 5th, in Chicago, the bride to be is Erin Flynn. Helen, Robert and Thelma will be going up.
Congratulations in advance to the Happy Couple and many, many years of happiness and prosperity !

We went to see the bats at the congress street bridge and had a great time. Check out our pix!

If anybody wants July Bdays posted write me an email and I will post !
Let me know if theres anything else !!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's....
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

La Familia Newsletter 6/25

Hola Familia !

Sorry this is a little late but I have been kinda busy getting my girls Hannah and Faith to Texas and shipping Faith off to my moms house for a couple of nights and then taking Hannah back and forth to her University of Texas Soccer Camp !

Here are some pix of Hannah and Faith at their Hula Show that they had before I brought them !

Jeff sent me a link to a you tube video featuring Cuz Aiden

We will be having a Los Primos Vball Garage sale Saturday July 5th at
Orie Salinas's House at
4527 Duquesne Dr.
San Antonio,Tx
Come one or come all....bring something to donate,buy something or just come out and sit with us a while !!!
Also for the Vball team there will be a raffle :
$5.00 for 1 ticket or 3 for $10.00
Grand Prize . . . $100 Visa Gift Card
2nd . . . $25.00 Gas Card
3rd . . . $25.00 Gas Card
4th . . . Ice Cooler
5th . . . 10 Lottery Tickets
Drawing held July 20th. Winners will be posted on the Los Primos Myspace page AND also on this blog !
If you can purchase or think that you may be able to sell a couple of tickets for me at your work or group functions please let any of the Los Primos players know .

Also just a quick reminder:

Just wanted to remind everyone the dates of the Coast trip .......
Friday July 25, 2008
Saturday July 26, 2008
Sunday July 27, 2008

If anyone has questions please let me know.

Thanks Terri Valdez
Los Primos Volleyball needs a serious cheering section this sunday for our games...we(should) be playing a team we had lost to and had hoped to play again but wasnt scheduled...well we had some primos get on the parks butts and had them re-do the schedule and now we play them on Sunday...Los Primos Vball needs to bring their A-game and could use some support ! Come on out and have some fun with us !!! Click here to go to the Time Warner Park's website. You can also get directions off this site !

Well I think I have covered another week...stay tuned for more after this weekend ! And as always if I missed something let me know and I will do my best to correct it !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's...

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie