Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving and New Cuz's.....

Hola Familia !


Long time no see on here..I am sorry but life gets hectic sometimes as ALL of y'all know !

I wanted to get on here and get this out because I know some of y'all look at this stuff at work and later on this week you might not be working .

Well its the holidays and we also have some birthdays going on this week !

We have Cuz Rileigh in cali and Cuz Kelsey on Tuesday the 25th celebrating a birthday and then we have our very own Turkeys Cuz Hannah and Cuz Rose V. celebrating on Turkey Day the 27th ! Gobble Gobble !

Cuz Kelsey had an early bday celebration at the "party house" in Helotes on Saturday night and it was also a sort of farewell party because he is going back to North Carolina to help out with family back there ! Kelsey your family here wishes you well and wants to let you know we are "always" here for you and please let us know if you ever need anything...come back and visit soon !

I know everybody has tons of familia on both sides and it gets crazy trying to go back and forth visiting everyone, I hope we all get the chance to run into each other somewhere along the way during this Holiday season ....... Marjorie and I will be headed to the "party house" in Helotes for some good ole fashioned turkey dinner with Chata and Lupe and hope to see as many of you as we can !


Another reason to give Thanks this year is that we have a new Cuz brought to us by Cuz Shanna.... Cuz Gabriel Federico was born in to our familia! I am trying to get more info and maybe some more pix from mama but be patient because you know new babies can make ya busy!

Also CONGRATULATIONS to my parents Armando & Rose de la Pena for their 49th Wedding Anniversary on the 22nd of November !

LOS PRIMOS Volleyball team finished up 2nd this last season and ended the volleyball year.....the team had a GREAT year and is looking forward to next season around feb/mar ! There is talk of some Garage Sales coming up to support the team so I will try and keep you posted. Los Primos volleyball would really like to see more familia come out and watch the games and just hang out!

Everyone have a Safe Holiday and keep me posted on whats happening with you so I can let everybody know!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's ....

Andy & Marjorie

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