Wednesday, June 18, 2008

La Familia 6/18

Ok Familia at the suggestion of a Cuz I am going to try my hand at using an official blogsite for our newsletter.....I want to step up to the next level and be able to make it a little more colorful and fun..bear with me while I tweak what I do on this ! I want to give HUGE CREDIT to Cuz Marjorie for taking all day to set this up for me and have it ready to write in ! She will be responsible for the posting of pictures since Y'all know she is a picture "wh*re" hahaha !! I have updated the recent updates and added something else below so sit tight and read thru these updates I received and lets see if we ALL can meet up at one or more of these ! And just another quick reminder if theres anything I am missing PLEASE email me...I am Old and Forgetful I need help ! hahahahaha

From my homefront ..... Cuz Ashley is going to be going to school in San Francisco after this summer...she has conquered what she wanted in Hawaii and lived like a native and will be coming back to the mainland ! YAY ! Hopefully I can get her easier flights to come down to San Antonio and sub in for some Vball games !!! We will LOVE having Ashley so much closer !

Just an update on Abe Hapshie's Wedding it is set for 6/13/2009 in the Pflugerville/Round Rock area just to let you know to reserve a date. If you did not know he is getting married to Audra Brown

These are the people with birthdays in June. My Mom Rose June 14th , Cuz Gilbert 18th , Lupe , Cuz Gina, and Solomon. All on June 28th.
Hello Everyone-

Just wanted to remind everyone the dates of the Los Primos Coast trip because there was a question about the dates yesterday-

Friday July 25, 2008
Saturday July 26, 2008
Sunday July 27, 2008

If anyone has questions please let me know.

ThanksTerri Valdez
From Our Cuz Shanna :
Hey cuz's well we found out last week we are having another boy he is due November 25th we haven't picked 1st name yet but his middle name is Federico after my grandpa... Meilinh is Turning 3 on September 19th and JJ is Turning 1 on September 4th we are having a birthday party for them Sat. September 13th... They are both big and A HAND FULLLLLLLLLLL haha but we love it!!! We are going to Walt Disney World next month so we will be sure and send lots and lots of pics!!! love ya'll Shanna, Jose, Meilinh and JJ

Renaissance Festival in Houston !

Festival runs from: October 11 thru 11-30-2008
$11.00 tickets are only good for the opening weekend.
Other weekends: $16.00 for adults and $6.00 for child- if you buy before 09-26-2008
After 09-26-2008: $18.00 for adults and $8.00 for kids.
Gate tickets: $21.00 adults and $10.00 for kids

If there are other weekends anyone would like to look at please let us know toooo.


There are also links to the side >>>> that have things the family might be interested in so just click on a link you like and it will take you right to it ! I am trying to make this as simple as will get better and better....send me your stuff !!

Ok so I tried to cut and paste to keep the updates in our Cuz's own there you have it....send me more !!!!

Oh Yeah ! You can comment on this too so please please let me see some feedback on this !!!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's....
Cuz Andy and Cuz Marjorie


Alyssa said...

I love this blog! Thank you Andy and Marjorie for bringing us ALL closer. You guys have played an instrumental role in the true definition of "Love"...

Leti said...

Beautiful work guys! You know how I feel about you both and what you've done for the familia! This is fabulous!