Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coast Trip 2009

Hola Familia !

I am going to start posting this once a month just to keep everybody up to date on it and planning for it! I am challenging as many of you that can make it to go with us on this trip! It was fun this year, and I know with more Primos there, it will be a BLAST in 2009! Here's some info that I got from Terri and these are just the finer points of the info ! Remember if you have any questions about it you can contact me, Marjorie, Terri, Greg or Thelma and we will try and answer you as best as possible! So here it is straight from her email to me.........

Dates: 07-24-2009 thru 07-26-2009
Price: $420.00 each room
Money Due: May 01, 2009

Once we find out who all is going we will assign rooms to everyone depending on who can climb stairs well and who cant. As far as the due date- the reason I am doing this so far in advance is because if you say you are going to go and then back out at the last minute you will not be getting a refund unless the circumstance is obvious.


Also here are some extra pictures, Thanks to Homer, of one of the last volleyball games that we had a big familia turnout.....this was also when my ex (Laura) was in town with Hannah and Faith and we showed her a Good Ole La Familia good time!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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