Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of August ~ Back to School September !

Hola Familia ~

Sorry for not updating recently ! I have been pretty busy with work and going to San Francisco for the First Day of School for my girls ! Ashley is back in college , Hannah started 6th grade and Faith started 1st Grade ! Everybody did well and it looks like it will be a good school year !
Good Luck to all the "Primitos" in the family also getting back in to school this month , whether its College,High School,Middle,Elementary or Kindergarten we want y'all to know your family is here for you and can help in whatever way we can !

Its the end of August and we have a couple Birthdays past and happening today !

Little X and Shanna had theirs on the 28th ~
Michelle is having hers TODAY !!
Happy Belated Birthday ~ Feliz Cumpleanos to our Primos ending August !

September Birthdays ~
Tom Heitman ~ Sep 11
Abe ~ Sep 18
Louie - Sep 25
Grandma Rosa - Sep 26 (1884 - 1983)
Julian - Sep 27
Lucy - not sure of the date and she may not want to reveal the year!! LOL !

As usual our family started to get a little excited talking about Fiesta 09 almost a year away ! It started with the tickets for the parade (from last count we have about 85 Primos going) and then there was talk about shirts . It sounds like a really good idea and it would be really cool if we could get it done. We had several ideas and offers from primos and it kind of went back and forth. I think it would be help if somebody who (1) enjoys organizing and (2) has the time and capability of getting things together could take control of this project ! If you have an idea and a contact to get it done get the facts together (ie. the design,and cost,and how to collect the money) and I could present it to the WHOLE family on this blog and then have everybody send just me a Yay or Nay on it . A low cost simple shirt would be best for everybody ! I could help by putting people in contact with each other if necessary. REMEMBER we still have 7 months 2 weeks 4 days before Fiesta starts so it plenty of time !
Something exciting to me but maybe not to everybody else.... after 20 plus years working with airplanes I have finally been trained to start up an airplane (not the engines LOL but everything else!) and "brake ride" them. In the mornings (3am) when I get to work we have to move our 3 planes that have sat there overnight since we have only one gate. So when we tow them someone has to sit in the cockpit and start it up so it has hydraulic pressure for the brakes and electricity for everything else. I have been trained on the CRJ 900 and the 737 so far. Here's a picture from the Captains seat after I had to start it and read the gauges !

Last but not least....I would like to Thank Marjorie for working on this blog with me and putting up the countdown tickers at the top of this blog ! One is the countdown for FIESTA 09 and the other is the countdown for La Familia Port A trip 09 !!

As always , if I am missing anybodies email or there's an event or happening or just something that should be remembered PLEASE please email me and I will get it on here and out to the family !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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