Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th Weekend !

Hola Familia !!

Hope everybody had an AWESOME and safe July 4th Weekend !

Just want to remind EVERYONE that this weekend July 5th was Fabian Farias's Wedding in Chicago to Erin Flynn who should now officially be Erin Farias !! WELCOME TO THE FAMILIA CUZ ERIN !!! Cuz Helen , Cuz Robert , and Cuz Thelma went up and hopefully we can get some updates from them on the festivities !!! May you guys have a Long and Prosperous Marriage !

Los Primos Volleyball was off for the weekend but was busy with a garage sale that was a success thanks to the efforts of a select few ...heres a quick recap !

Just wanted to let everyone know that we did very well this weekend with the garage sale and raised $256.00. We did so well that we started to pack early and it is a good thing we did because as soon as we got everything packed into the van and stepped inside it started to pour down rain. GREAT TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is written by one of our players who's house the garage sale was held at ! Orie Salinas:

Hello ALL!!! I personally want to thank all that came over to my house for the yard sale. Greg's mom & dad were a HUGE help Friday & Saturday and I'm so happy that they stayed. It was a lot of work but it was crazy fun. We got slammed for the first couple of hours & Terri & I were making all sorts of deals. For a minute there I thought we were paying people to take things. ha ha just kidding. But we were literally stepping on top of each other going from one end to the other. Money was stuffed in all our pockets and shoved in the money bag. Again . . . crazy fun! Hooray . . . we got rid of the "green monster" (chair) for a whopping $10.00!!! Terri said to get rid of it and I agreed. She priced it $10, I called a bluff price at $15 and the guy bid $10! Yipee, we got what we wanted! What a team!!! The guy also bought the entertainment center (the one that had already been sold before but left behind) and said that he would come back with his truck. Well guess what is still sitting on my porch?!?! CRAZY!!!! Andy and Marjorie . . . we missed you but we understand, gas, drive, work, girls . . . still we missed you! Thelma hope your trip was fun! Paul sorry you had to work, but Paulett (sp?) was a great helper. I really believe we could have made more but we were in the frame of mind to just get rid of everything and as busy as we were . . . some people were giving us prices and we were saying . . . SOLD!Terri forgot to mention that we also sold $70 in raffle tickets at the yard sale. Scared of us!!! Go Primos Go!

As was mentioned above we have the girls, Hannah and Faith with us... we had a great 4th watching the fireworks locally....we missed coming into San Antonio but with gas prices and Marjorie working on Saturday we couldn't be going back and forth....here are some of our pix from watching the Fireworks (click on the word and it will take you to the pix.) in Kyle, Tx where Marjorie is a Rural Carrier..we got to park in their parking lot and hang out..it was really relaxing. The cows serenaded us for the firework show!

I also have to mention again our raffle Los Primos Volleyball is having..I will post below what has been written by Terri ......

OK- we have a challenge brought to our attention and it would benefit everyone involved. Greg's friends in Austin are in a bike ride to raise money for MS and have stated the following: They will match us dollar for dollar on the raffle tickets if we donate to the MS bike ride they are participating in.

During my great thoughts of thoughts- I was thinking that if everyone could donate $5.00 to the MS bike ride for those guys not only would it benefit MS but it would benefit LOS PRIMOS volleyball team because we are helping each other out. And also because the Multiple Sclerosis Society is a great way for us as a team and family to help out. So if there is anyone out there is wanting to donate please let me know and we will try and collect money on Saturday.

Greg and I are donating: $10.00- $5.00 from Greg and $5.00 from me.

Thank you-love

All right that should be it for now.....as always if I have forgotten something PLEASE let me know !!!

Luv Y'all Like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie !!!

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