Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Familia Port A Edition ! 7/29/08

Hola Familia.....

Its been two days(for some only one) since we have all been back to reality after our Family Coast Trip and we are ready to go back! Not knowing what to expect, we all got to our home for the weekend at Seashell Village, and were greeted by the Welcoming Committee of Chata, Lupe, Greg, Terri and the kids! We were all REALLY pleased with how nice our weekend home was! I will tell you about it from our point of view (Andy, Mar, Hannah, Faith and Thelma) to make it easy! Once we got into our place and unpacked the car we all headed out for some souvenir shopping lead by none other than Chata and Terri!!! We visited a couple of the local shops and got boogie boards, shirts, necklaces, and shot glasses. While in one of the shops Homer, Rose, TJ, and puppy showed up along with Alyssa, Nanie, Julian, and Little Alissa! After an exhausting time shopping, we rounded everybody up and got back to the Village. The kids got on their swimsuits and went swimming FOREVER! They literally went swimming for like 4 hours nonstop! Meanwhile Greg, Lupe and the gang were BBQing up some of Greg's famous "Texas Thick" hamburgers and hot dogs! Cuz Thelma and Cuz Marjorie broke out the Margerators and whipped up some Pina colodas for everyone. Joe, Nena, and Aidan arrived about that time, and the gang was all there! Once we got everybody out of the pool, changed, and the BBQ was done, we all got together in one room to celebrate Cuz Thelma's birthday! We sang for her and had some yummy cupcakes! After a while the big boys wanted to do some night fishing so we packed up all the kids and went to Horace Caldwell Pier to see what we could catch! It was still kind of windy and the surf was choppy so the fishing wasn't so good...we caught a few "hardhead catfish" but nothing worth keeping! The kids all had a blast running up and down the pier! That was pretty much the end of the first day !!

The early morning crew of Thelma, Andy, and Marjorie woke up about 7am on saturday and leisurely had coffee on our porch until the rest of the tribe woke up. Then it was Chata and Nena making chorizo and egg tacos, and sausage and egg tacos, in two rooms just like a restaurant! About that time Terri's sister and brother-in-law, Rudy and Vickie, with their kids showed up and they joined us finishing up a hearty breakfast! We all got ready for a day at the beach and headed out! We found our spot and Rudy and Vickie had a great pop up gazebo they shared with us. We lined up the cars around it to put up tarps for shade! It was like our own little Mexican fishing village! There was a lot of seaweed on shore but it didn't bother anybody! The kids hung out ALL day in the surf, we played football, threw the frisbee, swam, collected seashells, did a little fishing, (still no luck) and just had a great time being together! Once we all had enough of the beach we headed back and washed off a little of the sand and seaweed, and the kids went swimming at the pool AGAIN!! Greg fired up his grills again and this time it was Jalapeno sausage, chicken, and beef fajitas! Of course we had the beer and Dr. Pico on the Margerators running full blast! By the time we all finished eating we just hung out and talked. The kids were running around from room to room, and keeping themselves occupied by making Paul Adrian look like coolio! We were all completely exhausted so everyone headed to their rooms and passed out!

Sunday morning again the morning crew was up before everyone else drinking our coffee! Before we realized it it was 9:30am, so I texted Greg to see if they were awake yet and I woke them up to start getting breakfast ready! I went to their place and got their coffee going and we had eggs and bacon and leftover fajitas and sausages! We all had to be packed up by noon so everybody got their stuff packed in the cars, and checked out. We also booked the WHOLE building for next year already, (more info on that to come) took a family photo for the First Annual Familia Coast Trip, and headed off to the beach again! This time we went further south on Mustang Island and thanks to Rudy and Vickie, found a really nice beach that we set up our little Mexican village at again! The kids all immediately headed out to the surf and Faith and I found an area next to our camp that had tons of hermit crabs! The boys did a little more fishing in the jetty next to us, (still no luck) and we saw sea turtles, and gulls taking Greg's bait! We all had leftover fajitas and chips and salsa for lunch, played some more, and for those of us who had to go, packed it all in and headed back to S.A. with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts for being together as a family!

We had a lot of people taking pictures, and most of y'all know how crazy Marjorie is when she gets a camera in her hand so bear with us, we have a lot to show....Marjorie was on the computer ALL day monday and thanks to Pico and Thelma sending their pics and our share, we have a way of showing you whats in store for EVERYBODY next year! Plan now because the 2nd Annual Familia Coast Trip is next year same time, there will be a separate blog explaining it more coming up! Click here to see all the great memories we made!

I just want to add that I really hope I didn't miss anybody with the announcements for this trip and all the details leading up to it! I have tried over and over to ask everybody that I DO have emails for to make sure they let me know who I might be missing so I can add them! I will do it again right now....if any of you who receive this, have a family member that would like to receive this, PLEASE send me their email to either ajdlp1@att.net or losprimos@att.net !!!!


I also wanted to include something that Cuz Leti sent to us! I kept it in her words.

"Check out Rob in action at a 3 alarm fire in ATX Sunday. Look for him on top of the truck working the pump at the 0:47 mark and again at the 0:58 mark.....I know he does this for a living and sees fires often, but I have never seen him in action at a fire before....so it's exciting for me and the kids....and it's proof that they don't just sit around all day long playing Nintendo and basketball.

Just thought I'd share...."

Click here


Ok, that's it I think for now...this was an AWESOME trip and I know we will ALL make it 100 times better next year!

Luv Y'all like Cuz's.....

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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