Tuesday, July 22, 2008

La Familia Newsletter ! Busy Weekend 7/19/08

Hola Familia !


We had a busy, fun, family filled weekend so let me try and break it all down and throw in some picture links too !

First I would like to promote a family business owned by Robert and Leti Maldonado ... its a pest control business and the link to the website is http://www.ezpestcontrolcompany.com/ I will add it to the links to the side of the blog also ! Ora Ley familia if you have cucharachas or pulgas make sure you use http://www.ezpestcontrolcompany.com/ !!!

BIRTHDAYS ! Cuz Thelma's is coming up on the 25th and Cuz Nicole (Terri's daughter) is on the 27th !!

Thanks to "Aunt" Gloria we helped "Uncle" Carlos celebrate his 75th Bday at their house! As usual Aunt Gloria worked really hard in the kitchen to have all sorts of good food! There was brisket that was awesome, potato salad, beans, rice, chips and dip, and two delicious birthday cakes that you will see in the pictures. All the usual suspects were there from our side of the family, and there were also family from Aunt Glorias side. Proud parents Matthew and Adrianna, and proud grandparents Lucy and Craig, showed off new Cuz Amadea ! Everybodies favorite older Cuz X was there too, helping out by watching some of the kids playing football in the front yard! We also were lucky enough to have a private viewing of Cuz Fabian and Erin's wedding video. Please click here to see more pix of the party>>>>>Carlos' Birthday


Cuz Greg's Bday was on the 20th and Los Primos Vball team helped him celebrate by winning our games on Sunday AND "Mijo Santos" Godmother Cuz Thelma brought some cupcakes! Alyssa, Nanie, and kids showed up, Pico, AND Cuz Sara, Cuz Sophia, and Cuz Olivia...... Cuz Sara was caught by suprise because just as she showed up we called her into action. We were one player short. Not dressed for volleyball, Cuz Marjorie and Cuz Terri publicly stripped and Marjorie gave Sara the shirt off her back, and Terri gave her her shorts!!! Thanks to Sara's great play we were able to win against both the teams we played!

Here are some more pix from the game >>> Greg's Birthday


So far Cuz Homer has been the first one to step up to my request for personal memories that we could share and pass on to each other... he sent us some good pictures of when they went to check out the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center display of a photo history of the Westside. The pictures of Grandma Rosa and Aunt Bitsy were displayed on Guadalupe Street, and the one of Aunt Bitsy was displayed on San Jacinto street. The pictures of Aunt Bitsy and Aunt Carmen as well as Uncle Filbert were displayed on Brazos street on the walls of buildings. All pix comments were narrareted by Homer! Thanks for sharing the great pix!

Here is a link to more of the pictures >>> La Familia

Just a reminder whenever y'all have a little time write me a quick email with memories of our family that stick out in your mind, it should be interesting to see what we all remember in different ways !
1st Annual Family Trip..... only 3 more days until the Family Rowdies head down to Port A !

If anybody wants to join us last minute y'all are more than welcome to catch up with us ! It will be fun I promise !!!


Well, I think that just about does it for this edition.... this will probably be the last one until after the Coast trip which I am sure I will have lots to write about and LOTS of pictures !

Luv Y'all Like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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