Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Christmas Party 08

Feliz Navidad La Familia Style!

Our Christmas party came and went and I think everyone had a great time! A big Thank You to Cuz Helen for welcoming all of us into her home! As y'all know Marjorie gets a little excited when presented with the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, so here they are! (Click on the word pictures) From the time we got to SA to when we got back to Austin she took 500 pictures ! Luckily she was able to scale it down to what we have now and it won't take you all day to view them ! I am the one who did the comments on all the pix so don't get mad at her (Thelma) ! We really hope maybe one of these Christmas's we can get the Cali Cuz's down here or maybe we could all go up there but for now we will just make do with pictures ! Thanks to everyone for bringing your favorite dishes and BIG Thanks to the other cook Joe ! I would also really like to say a Big Semper Fi Thank You to Cuz Louie for rounding everyone up for the group pic ! I dont think we could have done it without him ! AND Thanks to Ty ( I hope I spelled it right) for having the patience to take the group shot with 5 different cameras ! We really LOVE you guys and gals and hope you enjoy reading this blog and looking at all the pix ! ENJOY !

Since we were in town we also went to the Riverwalk and checked out the Alamo and Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. It was so beautiful and not really crowded at all! If you would like to see more pictures of that night click here!

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