Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~ La Familia Port A 2009 ~

Hola Familia ~

We know this sounds early but in actuality it really is not. I think that everyone has been reading the family blog and noticed the countdown for the coast trip to Port Aransas in July. With the way that the months have been flying by, 6 months really is not a long time to prepare for this. SO HERE GOES!!!!

We would like to get a family coast trip together and would like for both sides of the family to get together for somewhat of a family reunion type trip at the coast. We did this last year and had a great turn out and had alot of fun. The following is what we are looking at as far as details are concerned.

DATE: JULY 24, 25, 26 2009
ROOM COSTS: $420.00
Look for the "Deluxe Kitchen Unit"- this is a one bedroom- has 2 queen size beds in the bedroom and pull out sofa sleeper in the living room.

We have already reserved one whole building which consists of 10 rooms. So what we are really needing to know is how many families or people are going to go so that way if we need to get more rooms, we can. I know $420.00 sounds like alot for a room but when you look at it, depending on the family, you can fit as many as 8-10 people in one room. 2 people to each bed or more if you want and 2 people to the sleeper sofa and then sleeping bags for the kids or even blow up mattresses. You are more than welcome to ask the other family members that went last year regarding the rooms and they will tell you that these rooms are worth the money.

The money deadline for each room will be May 31, 2009- that will reserve your room for you and your family.

Everyone will be responsible for bringing their own food and drinks and liquor and beer for their rooms and families. There are bar-b-que pits there, where we can have a family bar-b-que and everyone bring items for this bar-b-que.

If you have any other questions please email me ~ Terri or Greg .

Again- this will be alot of fun for all and the area we will be staying at is very isolated so the kids can run around with no problems.

Luv Y'all like Cuz's

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Kathy said...

This a great blog for the family, I love it! It looks like Christmas was a blast! We are sorry we missed it!! One year we hope to make it down there! Living away from family is tough! I don't even think anyone has met Adriana our youngest.. she just turned a year on Thanksgiving day!

Hope you are all doing well!

Kathy (Flores) Hunt