Thursday, April 30, 2009

~ Fiesta ~ Baby Showers ~ Carnivals !

Hola Familia ~

I am going to attempt to finish out the Fiesta 09 info and throw in a few extra things !
May Birthdays (that I have)
Tammy Wong Benson ~ May 4th
Brian White ~ May 7th
Sophia Farias ~ May 8th
Sara Farias ~ May 12th
Marjorie de la Pena ~ May 14th
Tina Flores ~ May 15th
Laura Farias ~ May 16th
X Sr. ~ May 17th
Dylan Maldonado ~ May 20th
As always if I am missing any PLEASE let me know !
Cuz Erin & Anthony Tristan are expecting!

Congratulations and we look forward to meeting the new cuz!

They are registered at Babies R Us, Target and Walmart


St. Ann's Carnival ~ In Honor of Aunt/Grandma Bitzy

Come on out to St. Ann's for their annual festival and either donate canned goods or help out in the booth in honor of Bitzy! The St. Ann's Festival is this Saturday, May 2nd ~ 1pm - 11pm (Liberty Band Dance 7-11pm with Kids Movie in the gym so parents can dance) and Sunday, May 3rd ~ 10am-5pm. The Country Store will only be open on Saturday.

We are asking for some help from Los Primos. We are in need of non-perishable groceries and/or working the booth. Please contact Cuz Alyssa or Cuz Nanie

Well we officially closed out Fiesta Week 09 in good ole SA ! The final gathering of Primos was at the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade ! It was Cuz Marjories first time so she was very excited, we also had Cuz Tom and his girlfriend Lisa and his daughter Stella join us all the way from the east coast ! We had 65 family members show up for the parade and everybody had a great time ! Maybe next year we could make it even bigger !

To see the rest of the pix check them out!!


Since I am writing this blog I am gonna put something personal to me....I just got back from San Francisco visiting my girls and I got to see my daughter Hannah in some track meet trials to get her into the city finals. I am especially proud because she is running the same events I did when I ran track ! The 4 x 100 relay and the 400 meter dash ! Her relay team got 2nd in their heat and Hannah got 1st in her 400m heat and moved into the finals on friday May 1st ! Unfortunatley I couldnt get the extra time off to stay for the finals but I know she will do GREAT !

Start of her 4 x 100 relay 2nd leg !

Start of her 400 meter.

Rounding the last corner and winning her heat !


Well, I think thats it for now.....we are counting down the days until the Port A 09 trip in july !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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Kathy said...

Those pictures of the parade are great!! I miss going to the parade.... as we would go every year growing up!!! We hope to make it one year....hopefully before we move! (not sure when that is) we miss all of you!!