Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~La Familia Fiesta 09 (part 2)

Happy Fiesta 09 Familia....

Ok here are some more Fiesta festivities that include our familia !

First off we have Cuz Rose Vallejo and Cuz Salma who saw Julian Castro (candidate for Mayor of San Antonio) and he asked if he could take a picture with Rose and Salma (Salma went as a SPURS Silver Dancer wearing her SPURS jersey) at the Fiesta Del Perro Loco.

Next we have Tuesday nights invasion of NIOSA 09 by LA FAMILIA ! As is our tradition we had "Primo night" on a Tuesday....usually when we have done this it hasn't been too crowded when we get there, and then it picks up later in the night. Well this year started out shoulder to shoulder crowded !

Of course it wouldn't be Fiesta without Cuz Alyssa and Cuz Nanies hats ! As usual they used their imagination and came up with some good ones , and this year Cuz Marjorie decided to join in and got a "Fiesta Flower Crown" and a "jalapeno" necklace and earrings ! Its her 3rd year and she is finally submersing herself into the Classic Fiesta traditions !

We also had one of our Primos who has been away from Fiesta for a while, Cuz Tom, join us and brought his lovely girlfriend "Lisa" with him to join in on the nights fun ! Every time we saw them they were eating some good NIOSA foods and having a good time ! Lisa was a trooper out there and fits in good with the familia !We Welcome you in and hope Y'all come back more often !

In fact this years Primo Night at NIOSA was so good that even my favorite Cuz X ended up making friends with a really drunk Fiesta Clown that was running around !

Thats not it for the pictures ! Click on this link and it will take you to the Kodak Gallery where we have the rest of the pics !


And don't think that's all....most of the Primos are headed back the rest of the week for NIOSA and some of the other hundreds of events happening around SA , the next one we are going to that we will be able to blog about is the Night Parade on Saturday 4/25 ! So stayed tuned for more updates and the end of FIESTA 09 and I promise you that you won't be dissapointed with THIS familia !

Luv Y'all like Cuz's

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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