Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~La Familia Fiesta 09 ~

Happy Fiesta 09 Familia !

I am going to try and blog about all the Fiesta happenings as we go along here so have patience with me and I will try and get it all in !

As an early start we had Easter 09 at Chata & Lupe's in Helotes .... of course as always there was tons of good food and good times ! I nearly killed myself running after Paul Adrian trying to get hime with "cascarones" after he got me about 6 times ! A good time was had by all and it was a good way to get into the upcoming Fiesta spirit !

Of course in a style all their own the "Maldinas" kicked off Fiesta with their 2nd Annual Fiesta de los Maldinas 09 ! This new event has gotten so big in only its second year they had to get a bigger place to have it , next year they may have to rent out where they used to have La Semana and have it there ! HA ! It was a huge success and go the Fiesta week off to a good start for everyone with good food,good drink and of course Good people ! They had their "Grito" contest and dance contest and some Mariachis for Analissa bday !

Next was the "Taste of New Orleans" at Sunken Gardens which is what the "Los Primos" Vollleyball team has worked a beer booth at the past couple of years ! This year we had a welcome addition to our group for this . We had Cuz Fabian and Cuz Erin with us and while Cuz Thelma and Cuz Erin walked around and went to an Art festival we had our way with rookie beer booth operator Cuz Fabian ! Unfortunatley he was assigned to another booth and we werent able to help him with advice on how many "breaks" one should take and he came back to us "very much" in the Fiesta Spirit ! After we were done with our shift we all walked around with our well earned tickets and got "Shrimp on a stick", "funnel cake" , "corn dogs" and of course more beer ! FIESTA !!

Sorry Cuz Fabian I had to do this to ya....as a rookie you have to pay the price , but next year you will be considered a seasoned veteran !

Ok so thats a quick post and there will be more as Fiesta 09 goes on ! If you would like to see the whole set of pictures which include some of us watching the Spurs in Game 1 click on this link > FIESTA

Luv Y'all like Cuz's !

Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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