Friday, August 1, 2008

August Birthdays !

Hola Familia !!

Ok so these are the August Birthdays that I have been sent ! I would love it if you California Primos could send me your birthdays too ! Please Please I know I am missing people and some dont like their Bdays known but I think it would be good to have as many Bdays known as possible ! It will help to keep us close !

Linda's ~ 2nd
Cissy ~ 8th
Andy ~ 21st
Shanna ~ 28th
Little X ~ 28th
Michelle ~ 30th

Happy Wedding Anniversary's to:
Larry & Cissy on the 3rd ! ! ! !
Chata and Lupe's Anniversary on August 6th ! ! !

Luv Y'all Like Cuz's..
Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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Cissy said...


Actually our 27th anniversary is on August 3.

Larry & Cissy