Wednesday, August 13, 2008

La Familia Newsletter ~ 8/13

Hola Familia !

Its time for some more stuff about the family!

This past weekend Cuz Alyssa & Cuz Nanie were kind enough (and crazy enough) to open their home to a bunch of pre-teen and teen Primas for a Girls Sleepover! It started around 7pm and the Primas there were Alissa, Maddie, Hannah, Olivia, Paulette, Sophia, and Faith ! The night started out with some pizza and lots of junk food! They did some arts and crafts and made personalized pillow cases and some picture frames that they signed for each other! They played guitar hero, karaoke, and watched a ton of movies! Even one of our newest Cuz's, Dylan made an appearance. Apparently from what I hear Paulette was the first to give out, then Faith, Maddie was next, and the two hardcore partyers Alissa and Hannah stayed up all night until about 7am!!! When I went to pick up Hannah and Faith up at about 11am, Alyssa and Nanie were alive and well and had survived the night! Everyone had a great time and acted like they had all lived together this whole time! It sounds like they will have a bunch of good memories! Huge THANKS again to Cuz Alyssa and Cuz Nanie for doing this!
Here are some pictures >>>

Meanwhile, since the girls were at the sleepover Marjorie and I took the girls mom "Laura" , who had come to visit and stay with us in Austin, out to meet up with Greg, Terri, Robert and Leti at Chachos for some Margaritas and good conversation! We moved the party to Robert and Leti's where the "Shot Master" Robert took care of us and gave us some of the worst hangovers we have had in a long time! LOL !!
On Sunday we all went to the Los Primos volleyball games and had a really good turnout of Primos to wish Hannah and Faith goodbye for the summer, they will be going back to San Francisco this friday ........
Thank You to all the Familia "Primos" who made this an AWESOME summer for my girls, they had fun getting to bond with everyone and finding out that this is what our Familia is all about!

College Bound Primos !

I will probably miss mentioning someone in this and if I do please forgive me, there is a lot of familia to keep up with! But I wanted to wish all our College Student Primos and Primas Good Luck in this next school Year! We have my own daughter Ashley, coming back from an awesome freshman year living and learning in Hawaii! She did great and is planning to continue her college in the direction she wants to back in San Francisco and back on the mainland! While its nice to live and learn in paradise its not like home and we are excited to have her back so close!
We have Kelsey back in the San Antonio TEXAS area and continuing his college education and also happy he is back in his homeland!
We also have Sara heading back to Notre Dame in good ole South Bend and continuing her college adventure and representing Los Primos in a way only Sara can! While we wish her well we are also sad to see her go!
Lets also wish all our young ones a GREAT Year getting back to school in a few weeks, y'all have lots to talk about and brag to everyone at school about how much fun you had with your family this summer! We LOVE Y'all and know that ANY of us are here for you to help in any way we can to get you through this school year and on to BIGGER and BETTER things!


July 2009 La Familia Coast Trip!

I know its 11 months away (look at the ticker at the top!) but each month I want to remind everybody about the Familia Coast trip planned for next year.....we have reserved a "whole" building, (see pix below) 10 rooms, at the place we stayed at this year! We were all really impressed and happy with it and want to keep going back! Y'all have almost a year to plan to make this an even BIGGER family trip! Start saving little by little now and we will all be ready! The rooms as of right now come to aprox. $420 each (room) for that will probably be less due to the fact that they haven't given us the 10% discount they said they will give us! The place is really cool and well maintained, here's their website. Check it out! The suites have two rooms, they have a little kitchenette in the front room with a TV and pullout couch and in the bedroom most have two queen if you want to cut the cost you can get more than one family comfortably in each suite! We can make this HUGE if everybody starts planning now! Look back through this blog and check out how much fun we had and look at all the pictures! If there is any questions email me(Andy or Marjorie)(Greg or Terri)!


I think I have covered what I needed too....again, if anybody has family member email addresses that I don't have PLEASE let me know.....if I am missing someone and you think they would like to get this give me their email and I will add it! Email at ~~~


Cuz Andy & Cuz Marjorie

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